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The  Academy

The UK video games industry is one of the biggest in the world , with many of the biggest games companies being founded right here in the UK.  As of June 2018, there were 2,261 active games companies in the UK  (we are one of those!)

Games are changing the way we experience stories and are one of the driving forces behind the development of new technologies  that make those experiences more immersive and engaging. 

We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn how to make video games whilst working within an indie studio alongside the rest of the team.

At the academy we teach beginner to expert level techniques in all these areas of  game development; 2D and 3D game art,  animation, digital painting, Unreal Engine blueprints, Lighting, VFX and game design.


Alex came to the Ocean Spark Academy for a 5 day course to introduce him to game development. 

During his time at the academy, Alex created his very own playable video game which taught him some of the fundemental skills needed and software used in the gaming industry.

Alex used industry software such as; Maya, Photoshop, 3D Coat and The Unreal Engine to put together his game 'Snalix - The Adventures of Ellies Poop'.

The game that Alex created is imaginative and funny yet still requires a good amount of skill and practice to complete the goals that have been set for the player.

Alongside making his own game, Alex became a core part of the team at Ocean Spark Studios and got a real insight into what it is like to work with other game developers.

Before coming to the Ocean Spark Academy, Alex said he wanted to make games because he wanted to make people smile and we think he did just that! Well done Alex.

​To find out more about Alex's experience, watch his video to the left.