Alongside our in-house workshops and sessions we are also equipped with the latest tech and software to
provide workshops and events at any location!

Whether its a game development workshop  where participants create their own games or a gaming session where its all about play, we have the expertise and equipment to provide everything for you.

We bring the entire set-up to you, which includes; Laptops, drawing tablets, mice, VR headsets, games consoles and all the software needed. 

We can tailor our events to suit your venue, so if you are wanting a themed workshop or you have a specific idea in mind, we can make this happen!


We know how popular the topic of video games can be, especially for
children looking towards their future and thinking about the subjects they want to study

Our game development workshops and career talks are a great way to introduce participants to the world of video games and gives them the opportunity to speak to industry professionals who can provide them with advice and support.

Accessible locations such as schools and libraries are often a great place to host a workshop as it allows participants from different backgrounds and with different interests to join together in their efforts to learn about games. 

Providing you have a suitable sized space we can set up a workshop in your school or library and start teaching game development skills instantly

For more information or to book a workshop or career talk, please send us an email: