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For new players: traveling through Azeroth


Welcome to our series of guides for new players! If you want to explore the vast, ever-changing world of Azeroth, you've come to the right place. We will try to present here the most important information about World of Warcraft, starting with buying the game and ending with more complicated elements of gameplay. If you have additional questions, we recommend visiting the newcomers section of our forum.

In this section you will learn the main methods of moving around the game world. Running around all the time can get tiresome over time, especially when your character has to travel from one end of Azeroth to the other, so players have a variety of travel methods available. This guide is compatible with the 8.1 update.


The Hearthstone is, in a sense, a private teleport that every character in the game has from the very beginning. During your adventures in Azeroth, you will come across numerous taverns and inns - inside each one, you will find an innkeeper who will allow you to assign the stone to your tavern. From then on, simply click on the item in your inventory to quickly return there. Hearthstone can be used once every 30 minutes. However, this time will be reduced to 15 minutes thanks to the Hasty Hearth bonus if you join any guilds.

Flight Paths

In almost every town, settlement and camp in the game you will find an NPC who, for a small fee, will lend you a fast mount - usually a griffin or a wyvern - on whose back you will be able to go to certain points on the map. Note, however, that you must first go to each of these places and unlock them by talking to the flight masters (they are marked with a green exclamation mark the first time).


At level 20, all players receive the ability to use mounts. There are many ways to get your own mount - the first ones can be bought for gold, and the more rare and valuable ones come from raid bosses, special achievements or professions, for example. In order to learn how to ride, go to a trainer in your faction's capital, for example Kildar in Orgrimmar or Darlene Stokx in Stormwind. A list of all mounts and descriptions of the sources from which you can obtain them can be found in the collections tab in the game (default shortcut: Shift+P). At higher character levels, riding coaches will unlock upgrades that you can purchase to increase your mounts' speed or to allow you to fly.


One of the ways you can travel between the continents of Azeroth is by ship, which runs regularly between the main ports in the game, such as Stormwind, Menethil Harbor and Boralus. All you have to do is board the ship and after a brief loading screen where you can see the ship's route, it will dock at its destination port. Most of these types of ships belong to the Covenant, but Horde players can also use them if they manage to sneak in undetected.


The Horde's equivalent of ships are the Zeppelins. These technological wonders can easily carry you from one end of Azeroth to the other... if, of course, they do not explode, which happens quite often with Goblin inventions. You can find them, among others, at the characteristic towers in Orgrimmar. Interestingly, there is one zeppelin in the game that travels between Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff without any loading screen - the journey takes about 10 minutes.


The fastest and most convenient way to travel to key locations in the game are portals. You can find them in some of the capitals in the game, although you usually have to reach a high enough character level to use them. All you have to do is click on the portal, and after a short while you will find yourself where it leads you. In addition to this, the mage class will at some point gain the ability to create teleports and portals to all major cities in Azeroth - so it is worth having a friendly mage when you need to get somewhere quickly.

That's all about the main methods of getting around Azeroth.