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Beginnings in Mists of Pandaria

Today we start a brand new blog series dedicated to World of Warcraft. Our guide through the world of Azeroth will be ...

What is going on here, that some strange posts appear on battlenet site about World of Warcraft? As you can see, this site and my humble person started cooperation. you probably already know very well, after all you entered here of your own free will. And who am I? Some readers may know me from a blog called Holy Whine, which, however, has already ceased to operate. Why? Because I decided to move my thoughts here, so that they reach a larger audience. And no one guarantees that this will be good information for you ;). But in order not to end this paragraph so pessimistically, I want to warmly welcome everyone and shake hands. By the way, my posts cannot be taken too literally and seriously. I can't help it that I like to wallow in irony and metaphor. It works for me at least as well as a mud bath. I guess.

Anyway, today's topic will be my first encounter with the beta of the newest addition to World of Warcraft. I'm talking about Mists of Pandaria. I don't have to write that I was very happy that the email lying in my inbox isn't a scam, because it's rather obvious. After about 5 minutes I cooled down and started to perform all the steps described in the message I got from Blizzard. After a few more minutes I finally landed in the character selection window.


But before I move on to further descriptions, a few words of explanation, so that in the comments people won't lynch me for bragging on a popular site that I have a beta and nothing comes of it. My Regular Readers (if there are any) probably remember how on my blog I warned against getting too excited about the beta, because... It will be very limited for the first weeks. It was like that with every beta of the previous addons, so it can't be any different with this one. And surprisingly, I was right. The Mists of Pandaria beta is, at this point, an evening's worth of fun. There's no Pandaria yet (which is a new continent, on which we'll gain 90 level). There is no real possibility of reaching at least level 86. There is no access to the new instances (I know that there are already videos on You Tube of these dungeons, but Blizzard said that for the time being they will be disabled). That being said, what is there anyway? New talents and skils for existing classes (and not all of them). Changed old instances (like RFC or SM). And perhaps most importantly: Monk and his starting (that is, up to about 12th level) location. Unfortunately, Monk himself is terribly truncated and has very few skils, which also quite often refuse to work and simply do not work. However, it's worth spending those 2 hours in the starting location, especially if you're a fan of lore.


I do not want to spoil anything here, but I can probably write that the starting location of the Pandaren (because not only Monks) is actually quite cool. Sure, most of the quests are "go and kill" (people hoping that after 8 years of World of Warcraft would change something significantly in the questing should probably hit their foreheads hard), but the story is so interesting that we want to know the finale. And above all, we want to know how it happened that at some point we'll choose a faction (Horde or Alliance), to which we'll belong permanently. Funnily enough, there's another nonsense connected with it, of which there are many in WoW. If I'm leveling two cute Pandas with a friend (of course, this is pure provocation on my part, as I've already learned that all the Kung Fu Panda jokes in WoW are greatly exaggerated), then as long as we don't choose a faction, we can talk to our friend in Pandarin normally, either on sayu or yell. Later on, when our friend chooses Covenant and we choose Horde, the part of our brain responsible for communication will mysteriously evaporate and we won't be able to talk in any way. Will Blizzard somehow solve this problem? I have no idea, but personally I doubt that anything will change in this regard.


After about 2 hours I managed to get that 15th level on Monk and that's it. That was the end of my adventure with the beta. Unfortunately, I chose healer specialization not knowing that there is no Monk trainer in the world yet and I can't change to DPSer. I also didn't know that at 15th level Monk healer has... I also didn't know that at 15th level Monk healer has one healing skill, which requires using offensive skill first to make the heal active. And of course, it has 15 seconds cooldown. Of course, it doesn't mean that it will be like this on LIVE. It is clear that there is a lack of at least 2-3 additional skils in this spec. So that we understand each other correctly: I'm going to do 90 level Monk on the beta, but I'm not a masochist and I'll wait for the next beta builds. When they improve this and that, I'll definitely start leveling up again. At this point it just doesn't make sense.

On the beta I also have other characters, which I copied from LIVE. They are of course healers: shaman, druid and priest. After a short test I have to say that the latter gets a lot of cool toys (and I don't just mean the glyph that turns you into a deer you can ride). In other words: so far I think druid got the coolest talents and healer skils. Shaman is practically the same as in LIVE except for a few changes in totems (which are now reactive skills rather than permanent buffs). Shaman unfortunately still heals the same way as now (Healing Rain, and then spam Chain Heal for more funzzz). Priest on the other hand, has bugged numbers on skils and for example Spirit Shell (new shield in Discipline) absorbs... 200.000 damage. Yes, I'm sure it's a bug. Anyway, because of that it's hard to write anything more about priest healing. But after reading the tooltips I think you can be optimistic. As a bonus, below you have a screen of undead priest, who from now on will have in his belly... Cube ;).


"Suuuper entry... So long, but in fact about nothing". - malcontents will probably say. Well, they're probably partly right. But to justify myself I can write that Blizzard didn't give us too much hay to digest. Beta in its current state is good for the specs from such MMO-Champion or other similar site, who analyze the game files and extract from them every cool thing. For an ordinary player, as undoubtedly I am, Mists of Pandaria beta is just a small seed thrown on fertile ground, which will germinate in a few weeks. So, to make the tradition come true, I have to give you two English words at this point... STAY TUNED (for more information and posts)!