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Blizzard and Twitch fire back against TBC private server streamers

Let's not kid ourselves: We have the WoW private servers, or rather the private server community, to thank for the fact that we've been able to play WoW Classic for the past year and a half and will soon be able to experience Burning Crusade Classic. The whole thing only got going with the closure of Nostalrius in April 2016 and the subsequent, ongoing response from those affected.

But even if the responsible parties at Blizzard were able to celebrate a success with WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic, which has exceeded their own expectations many times over, they are still not well spoken of private servers. This is evidenced by a number of actions in recent weeks targeting streamers and Youtubers who have been posting more private server content for Burning Crusade in recent months due to the burgeoning TBC hype.

For example, popular streamer and Youtuber Kargoz reports that Blizzard is said to have contacted content creators directly with a warning: Those who continue to stream and publish private server content will face termination and will not receive invitations to any beta phases.

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Apparently, Blizzard has also discussed the issue with their contacts at Twitch and made their own position clear once again. A few days ago, several well-known WoW streamers like Crix and Pandarama were banned for a short time for streaming private server content.

By the way, the rumor mill is currently saying that the first closed beta phase (including Friends & Family) is supposed to start this week. As soon as there is something official, we will of course keep you up to date.

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