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Crass prices, too short pre-patch: TBC Classic depresses Asmongold

Already after the leak of the launch date for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, voices were raised that criticized: If the dates should be correct, just two weeks for the pre-patch are much too little! Yesterday, on May 6th, Blizzard officially confirmed: Yep, the pre-patch will be released on May 19th, and yes, the final launch of TBC Classic will take place on June 2nd. The leaks were "real." It's now officially okay to be upset.

And that's exactly what many players are currently doing, for example on Reddit or in the official forums. The reasons, with a view to the short pre-patch duration:

  • The pre-patch will be a unique phase in the history of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) due to the special TBC-Classic constellation, which has never happened before and will never happen again (WoW-Classic content with patch 2.4.3 status and Blood Elves/Draenei/Arena skirmish). Such an exciting phase deserves more time!
  • Many raids would have been up for playing Naxxramas and co. for at least an ID or two with Blood Elf Paladins and Draenei Shamans. Most guilds can now do that.
  • Many players don't even have the chance to get Blood Elf and Draenei TBC ready before launch thanks to work and co. Two weeks isn't enough if you can only level for a few hours in the evenings.
  • The only ones who will benefit from the short pre-patch period are the boosters, who will now rake in an incredible amount of gold with the numerous blood elves and draenei.

Blizzard overdoes it

But it's not just the short pre-patch phase that's drawing criticism. Yesterday, Blizzard also unveiled all the paid services that will be offered around the pre-patch and TBC Classic launch, respectively:

  • Paid cloning service for players who want to play characters equally in TBC Classic and Classic era. Cost: 35 Euro per character
  • The Dark Portal Pass for players who want to boost a character to level 58 on their account. Cost: 39,99 Euro
  • The Deluxe Edition, which includes the Dark Portal Passport, two mounts, a new rest stone effect, 30 days of gameplay, and a toy item. Cost: 69,99 Euro.

The reaction of Asmongold, the biggest WoW streamer of the last years, shows very well how "well" these prices go down with WoW fans. Stunned, dismayed, dejected, depressed ... that's how Asmongold's mood can be described. But see for yourself:

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A point that bothers many players: the mount Reawakened Phase Hunter, which you can use in TBC Classic, is apparently supposed to be available to characters as early as level 40 and bring 100 percent speed (source). Officially, Blizzard has not yet commented on the speed of the mount.

Asmongold and many other players are very critical about the high price for the cloning service. Since you have to pay per character, players who want to clone three or four characters will quickly incur enormous costs. And that's for a service that actually only unlocks an existing clone for both Classic versions. On top of that, Blizzard has hinted at Classic Plus content for the Era servers in the past (such as with this survey), but there's no concrete info on those additions yet. In other words: At the moment, TBC players simply cannot estimate whether the investment in the clone for the era servers will be worth it or not.

What do you think of all this? Tell us in the comments!

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