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Today I'm going to whine about the plot in MMORPGs, which for me is usually the weakest link of such productions. It's not even about the story itself - it's usually fantastic and engrossing, like a good book. Lore also does its job, such as in World of Warcraft. However, the problem is the presentation of the whole in the game world and the presence of thousands of players around. How to solve it?

The plot in an MMORPG is there, but so what?

Don't get me wrong, I like stories in World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Elder Scrolls Online, or Guild Wars 2. Even the Black Desert Online storyline suited me! But the problem is that these are typically single-player stories involving one person, ourselves. There's plenty of NPC interaction, cosmic things happening all around, like giant swords crashing into the planet's core, or demons invading. However, what of it, if it doesn't translate into fun?

Still, all these events concern only the game world and us, who are its chosen ones, Heroes of Azeroth or other Warriors of Light. The plot is about our participation in these stories, while there are other players all around us. And suddenly a thousand people have the same title and also saved the universe from extinction, or another Big Bad Boss. If we're all the chosen ones, then ultimately no one is.

As much as I find it fantastic to follow and participate in such attractions, I always have a bit of a crush. I'm playing an MMORPG, but in terms of story it's not so much "Massively Multiplayer Online" and way too much single-player. Is there a solution to this?

Mabinogi, the perfect storyline for an MMORPG

Mabinogi at one time had a great idea for a storyline in an MMORPG. You have a dream in which a goddess gives you a special quest to find her perfect world and free her. It takes a lot of time, and in the end it turns out that it was a demon, who brings strong warriors to himself in order to prey on them.

The premise is that the players are a special race that reincarnates into the world of Mabinogi. Our characters are souls not bound to their bodies, so they can recreate them when they die, and on top of that they don't die of old age - the aging process itself is also slowed down. In terms of the plot, it may not be anything special, but at least we have an explanation for the existence of tens of thousands of other players around us.

Crimson Desert, or first single-player, and then MMO

Mabinogi in the long run, however, proved to be a production too demanding and unusual. Story solution also did not please everyone, because the players lacked a strong story. Therefore, here with the ideal solution may come Crimson Desert, a new game from the creators of Black Desert.

Developers informed that this MMORPG will start as a single-player game. The long gameplay segment will be a single-player production, which will serve as a tutorial and an introduction to the entire storyline of the production. However, it will not be a 10-minute tutorial, but a few hours of fun, which will introduce us to the story. After completing it, we'll unlock the MMO aspect and move on to the actual game.

This is not an ideal solution, but it's much more appealing to me. However, everything will depend on how the story will develop when the online aspects of Crimson Desert are available. It may turn out that the story will go off the rails or will continue to be purely single-player.

The story in an MMORPG: time to dream a little

I, as the chief grouch, would like the developers to think about the plot, which will engage players on the server. I'm talking about events in which everyone takes part. Those in which there is a collective hero, and not PefriX, or another person, at a given moment performing a mission.

I realize this would require community involvement, which would be difficult - it's been proven many times in MMORPGs that players want to socialize, but not too much. They like having other people around them, but only when it's convenient or necessary. Otherwise, they limit themselves to shared dungeons and raids, although even here there are players who prefer the option of hiring mercenaries (read: bots).

As a result, I get the impression that I'm the only one who is bothered by the single-player storyline in MMORPGs, while everyone else is fine with it. But what about you, my dear players?)