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WoW: 12 years ago, one of the best raid instances ever came into the game!

Do you remember what you were doing on December 9, 2009? Well, one of mine was in the middle of his buffed internship and was probably busy reporting on World of Warcraft around the clock that day. Patch 3.3 was released, and Blizzard announced the finale of the most successful expansion Wrath of the Lich King (we won't talk about the Ruby Sanctum).

Highlight features of WoW Patch 3.3

WoW players at the time were really excited about the new update for several reasons. First, the last content patch 3.2 was already more than four months old. No one can stand so many Argent tournament visits, and neither can Orcs. Everyone wanted to finally scurry into the next raid tier. On the other hand, we knew that the Lich King himself would be waiting for us at the end of the WotLK story. And the developers did not disappoint the expectation.

Here are the highlight features of WoW Patch 3.3:

  • New Dungeons: The Frozen Halls (3 wings in total): the Icecrown Citadel watches lurkingly over the blighted wastelands of Northrend, awaiting anyone who wishes to fight Arthas and his Scourge and erase them from the face of Azeroth. Heroes who venture into the Citadel will be confronted with the most terrible horror ever to be vanquished. Before you rush head-on into the gate, an alternate way to enter the Citadel awaits you. Fight your way through the three wings of the new five-man instance: The Frozen Halls and follow Jaina Splendor Sea or Sylvanas Windrunner into the Lich King's chambers.

WoW Patch 3.3: We also get to deal with Arthas in the Halls of Reflections. Source: buffed

  • New Raid Instance: Icecrown Citadel (Starts with "The Frozen Throne"): Battles against the Scourge have been fought all over Northrend. The death toll has been uncountable since the Alliance and Horde entered the icy continent. Still, the champions of Azeroth march on - and Icecrown Citadel, the cornerstone of the Scourge's power and the Lich King's home base, will be their final destination.
  • Introduction of the Dungeon Finder: The new Group Search is now accessible and allows players to quickly find a 5-player group for an instance. The system links all servers within a realm pool together, using a matchmaking system to make it easier for all players to find an instance group at their level.
  • Improved entry and quest tracking: Some changes have been made in World of Warcraft (buy now ) to make the first gaming experience with WoW more enjoyable. In addition, a quest tracking system has been implemented to help players find quest objectives faster.
WoW: The Fall of the Lich King - Trailer for Patch 3.3

What an epic finale

If I believe my 2009 self, the launch of Patch 3.3 went very smoothly. At least my guild was able to tackle the first bosses of Icecrown Citadel without any problems. However, since the sections of the raid were only gradually made accessible, it took a little while before we finally faced Arthas. And what a fantastic finale awaited us! I'll just quote myself (from my nostalgic memories of WotLK):

"The final battle was already pretty crunchy on "normal", yet never unfair. After each wipe, we knew exactly what mistake we had made and how to fix it. The heroic mode then demanded everything from us.

All the efforts were rewarded with a final ending sequence that had goosebump potential - and the endings of many other expansions can take a lot from it - yes, WoD, we're looking at you!!! For me, Arthas is clearly the absolute favorite final boss of all WoW expansions."

And also in our list of the 30 best boss fights in WoW history from 2018, the Lich King has grabbed the number 1 spot.
WoW Patch 3.3: What a pride we felt when we were able to defeat Arthas on Heroic difficulty. Source: buffed

More opinions on Patch 3.3

At the time, we asked our readers what they liked most about Patch 3.3. And indeed, the new dungeon finder tool in particular has been positively highlighted again and again. There is talk of a bombastic innovation, or even:"The LFG tool is the best thing Blizzard has created so far. "

If you want to browse a round, you can find an extensive experience report by our former video guru Björn von Bredow here.

But also the new dungeons and the raid instance get a lot of praise. User tip: Turn on the music! You can't get more atmospheric than that.

How did you like patch 3.3 back then? Tell us in the comments!

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