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WoW: Developers about WoW Patch 7.1.5, 7.2...

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WoW: 2 promotion mounts discovered in game files of patch 9.0.5

Patch 9.0.5 of WoW Shadowlands will probably land on the test realm (PTR) in the near future. Dataminers from are already busy decrypting the game files and have come across two mounts that belong to a promotion. Sapphire Skyblazer and Fireplume Phoenix can't be visualized yet, but they already got a description. Sapphire Skyplazer could use the model of Storm Crow, which was found in the game files many years ago, but never made its way into the game.

Sapphire Skyblazer

Description: These brilliant blue birds burn brighter (and hotter) than their orange cousins, though the origin of both remains a mystery.

Source: Promotion

Fireplume Phoenix

Description: Tore a blazing sky through a wintry night did the hawk with fiery wings.

What future foretold?

What story would unfold?

When the elements take to the sky and sing.

Source: Promotion

Promotional items are not necessarily store mounts. Promotional mounts and other promo rewards are given to players for playing other Blizzard games, such as Heroes of the Storm. At the time, players who played Heores were able to secure the Primeval Flame Saber.

Like some in the community, we suspect that these two mounts might have something to do with the upcoming WoW mobile games. So if you look into Blizzard's new mobile games, you might get one of these mounts as a reward. We might also find out at BlizzConline what the two mounts are all about.

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