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Due to various additional features, Discord is gradually displacing voice chats like Teamspeak and the like and is now also used by many WoW players. One...

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WoW: 425 items from the treasury? Tooltips completely bugged

In a game as large and complex as WoW, bugs are usually commonplace. Considering how old and convoluted the code has become and how many adjustments are made with each small patch, it is even more understandable that bugs occur from time to time. However, in the past weeks these bugs have increased noticeably. Be it bugs on the wind runner, the new mount: Wandering Primal, Kael'thas as a permanent companion or unique items - the list is long and the adjustments with patch 9.0.5 have rather extended the list than reduced it.

Currently, a buff has appeared that completely messes up the tooltips in the Great Treasury. These not only show you the item level you'll get, but also the level you'll get if you level up a bit more - i.e. complete a higher keystone or kill the raid bosses on higher difficulty. However, the display is currently bogged down and sometimes shows you completely abstruse values. For example, 425 items are promised for a level 6 dungeon, or your 216 item is reduced to level 120 when you complete a higher dungeon.

Source: icy-veins Source: icy-veins

WoW: 425 level items from the treasury? Tooltips completely bugged (1) Source: icy-veins The two examples mentioned will probably be noticed as a bug by almost every player. But every now and then, the number isn't all that far off from what you'd actually get. For example, a player gets a level 207 item for completing a level 12 dungeon when it should actually be item level 223. Often, the system seems to confuse the reward level at the end of the dungeon with the one from the treasure chest. Every once in a while, though, complete moon numbers come out.

And the moral of the story? Make sure that the information is correct and don't blindly rely on the tooltip in the treasure chest, otherwise you might be disappointed if you want to pick up your item at the start of the new ID on Wednesday and it's not level 425.