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WoW: Actually no matter what Blizzard does - the shitstorm comes anyway

Blizzard had to put up with a lot of criticism in recent years. Most of it quite rightly, since they hardly left a foot out of the door - whether in the development of WoW or the scandals in the summer. But more and more often you get the impression that Blizzard doesn't really stand a chance, but many critics just criticize out of habit - no matter what it's about. Patch sooner or later, grind or no grind, story, balancing, content - actually it often doesn't matter which way the developers decide to go - it boils up in the forums either way. And we don't even want to start with the way criticism is voiced in the meantime.

I don't want to defend Blizzard with that. In the past, a lot of things went wrong at the Californian developer. Besides, criticism should and must always be allowed, as long as it is within acceptable limits. However, the announcements and the PTR for patch 9.2 show me quite clearly that you can't put much value on criticism anymore. Blizzard can't please everyone and is to blame for everything anyway. A few examples?

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WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity.

To grind or not to grind - that is the question here!

If you look back at the last patches, you can see a back and forth of the developers. The problem here is - in both cases there were big protests and huge criticism.

  • In patch 9.0 , there was virtually no grind for player power. Players could farm anima endlessly to buy great toys, mounts and the like. Those who wanted to strengthen their character, however, hardly had to grind at all, but could spend their time in raids, dungeons or the arena. Result: Many players were bored and angry that they had to play "only five minutes a week" and had no chance to improve their character.
  • Then inpatch 9.1 , Korthia arrived and players got exactly what they wanted before - a grind opportunity to improve their character. Via Catalogued Research, media and equipment could be upgraded and you were allowed to buy sockets. Result: The forums exploded with complaints about why there was so much grind in the game now? Isn't that what the developers wanted to do away with in Shadowlands? Now you suddenly have to "farm for hours every day to stay on the ball".
  • That's why Zereth Mortis is coming inpatch 9.2. An area where you can once again farm a lot, but is pretty uninteresting for player power and can theoretically be completely ignored. And who would have thought it, in the forums and on the PTR players complain that 9.2 brings virtually no content into the game, because you do not want to make Zereth Mortis.

In Korthia, many players complained about the amount of grind required for Player Power. Source: buffed So you see: Whether Blizzard brings grind into the game, forces players into content or leaves it completely optional - they get a shitstorm for every decision. Interestingly, it's not necessarily about different types of players either. For example, the two statements in quotes above came from the same person.

Timegating and story - there is no right and wrong

No matter where you look in WoW (buy now ) - everywhere there are similar examples, where it is already clear that many players will complain.

Keyword timegating: Should content like the campaigns rather be released piecemeal, as it is currently the case? Blizzard says yes, a bunch of players say no. They don't feel like waiting weeks for the finale, they'd rather play through everything right away. In the past, Blizzard has done this from time to time and released everything in one fell swoop. And now guess who complained in the forums and comment columns that there was no content left after 72 hours? Or because they didn't understand the story. That's what happens when you get everything thrown at you at the same time.

The story of WoW has developed in a direction in which it can hardly be continued satisfactorily. Source: Blizzard Keyword story: One of the biggest points of criticism at the moment is the story, which is supposed to come to an end with patch 9.2. The headline "Players are dissatisfied with the story" could have been written even before Blizzard released patch 9.2 and the cinematics on the PTR. Sylvanas dies, Sylvanas gets forgiveness, Sylvanas sacrifices himself, Anduin kills Sylvanas, Sylvanas kills the dungeon master, a cosmic time travel Illidan comes flying in and kidnaps them on his golden unicorn?

Actually, it doesn't matter how Blizzard continues the story, scorn and ridicule is guaranteed to them in any case. At least for each of the previous examples (except Illidan, of course) I know at least a handful of players who would like it, and a few who would angrily threaten to cancel their subscription.

Balancing not perfect? So quasi unplayable bad!

You can keep looking through the categories and be sure that a bunch of WoW players will be upset about it. The class balance is always a guarantee for scolding players in the forums.

Keyword balancing: There 's hardly a topic where so much whining and half-truths are thrown around as when it comes to balancing and the request to buff one's own class. Warlocks loudly demand buffs in the forum because one of the three specs is not among the top 3, and Shadow Priests find their class unplayable because they don't do twice as much damage as everyone else in one of the ten boss fights in the raid. This may sound a bit exaggerated, but it is actually true - even if it was only a few players.

However, it is also clear that the balancing in WoW is still better than that of all other MMOs. But if you talk about a disaster and unplayable classes at +/- 10 percent difference, then you get a problem. Because there will never be a perfect balancing and the criticism will never disappear in this case.

Why Blizzard is partly to blame, you can read on page 2.

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