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WoW: Are allied races passé? Would be good so!

I've been procrastinating on this column for weeks now. It doesn't matter, because as long as the WoW makers don't announce another Ally race in World of Warcraft, my opinion remains valid, right? I was persuaded to write this column by one of our loyal MMORE readers. From that direction, I've been told of 50 occupied character slots on the account, and the pain of having to delete a beloved hero just so you can add another newbie race to your collection.

The problem with space

Our Lesy writes that after 16 years of WoW, there are so many characters that you have very special experiences or achievements associated with, that at some point it's hard to give up one of your characters just because there's a new "kid in town." "By now I've had to delete so many chars, and the ones I still have now I'd like to keep. But if even ONE new race comes along, I'll have to start deleting one old one I care about per new char, because I've taken up all 50 slots," the message to us reads.

Yet the problem, which is mainly faced by WoW veterans among the players, could be solved quickly. Our Lesy says: "There were players who really thought about ways to make more slots available - quest lines for example, or that you get 2 slots for 5 years of active WoW gaming. I'd even be grudgingly willing to pay per slot - and even though Blizz is usually vampirically looking for any way to siphon gold or euros from you, they're bucking on the issue and claiming that no one needs more than 50 slots. "

The problem probably isn't that the folks at Activision Blizzard wouldn't happily take your money, it's simply the technology


The framework on which World of Warcraft (buy it now for €14.99) runs was already in its infancy when WoW was launched. The increase of character slots per server alone took ages. Somewhere there seems to be the dog buried, and I'm afraid, Vets with a large character offer must continue to be patient. But ... maybe there's no need for such a solution anymore.

Where are the allied nations?

I've always been of the opinion that allied races are the lazy excuse for not having to do the development work for a completely new player race. A new race needs a new rig to attach specific joints to, an exterior, a cool look, animations, race abilities, their very own clipping issues with clothes, and more.

It takes quite a bit of time to get something like that done, and that can be saved. Like taking the existing models and slapping on the character customization options that players have been wanting for eons. Red orcs, for example. "Blood elves" for the Alliance. "Night Elves for the Horde. Tattoos for dwarves. Outer-legged, male trolls. Furries for Horde furry fans, inspired by the movement patterns of goblins, after all. It's nice, but I don't think it replaces a completely new player race with rich lore.

Apparently Blizzard has grown tired of this as well. Shadowlands is an expansion with no obvious allies. Kyrians might still be doable. And the Venthyr, okay. Flying night fae and absurd monstrosities, on the other hand, tend to fall away. Even if a race could be found, wouldn't allied Shadowlands make the concept of pacts absurd?

It doesn't matter, because as long as the developers at Blizzard don't decide to bring an ally or a real new race into the game, at least the aforementioned veterans with space problems will have a few peaceful nights. However, if they do decide to add a new race or class, it would be really nice of the WoW makers to take seriously the problems of players who don't want to keep deleting a hero. Because for those players it feels a bit like murder. Doesn't have to be, does it?

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