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WoW: As a warrior with one-shots to the 2000+ rating - Rextroy's latest prank

Warrior tanks currently suffer somewhat from the weakness of their playstyle and the strength of the other tank classes. Whether in the raid or in the Mythic-Plus dungeons - the protection warriors are currently not necessarily considered the first choice in WoW. Now, however, the well-known WoW player and YouTuber Rextroy shows that there is a lot of potential hidden under the thick plate armor. As is often the case, Rextroy has taken to PvP and used a whole range of synergies to increase the damage of an important ability to such an extent that he is handing out one-shots - or at least almost one-shots - in the arena.

With this tactic, Rextroy has casually earned himself a rating of over 2000 in the arena - without any real opposition. For one thing, it's hard to defend against the attack, and for another, hardly anyone expects the onrushing Warrior Tank to send them to the Spirit Healer with the next blow.

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Crass synergies

In this case, Rextroy doesn't even use any exploits or hidden synergies, but simply takes advantage of the fact that by the end of Shadowlands, there are so many different systems and features that can be used to amplify the same attack over and over again. Rextroy combines pretty much everything that boosts the Shield Strike attack:

  • 20 percent through Punish (talent)
  • 20 percent through Thundering Voice (talent)
  • 30 percent through Shield Block
  • 30 percent through Avatar
  • 15 percent through the mastery of Banner of the Conqueror
  • 25 percent through the strength of Fireblood and PvP Jewelry (ex: Sinful Gladiator's Badge of Ferocity)
  • 20 percent through the strength of Veteran's Lore (Medium)
  • 6 percent through Kevin's Slime (Soul Band)
  • 12 percent through Seuchi's Preemptive Strike (Soul Band)
  • 200 percent due to the 2 set bonus(Rage)
  • 75 percent in case of a critical hit (chance increased by sword and shield)

Now it's just a matter of activating all the cooldowns, charging in, and blasting your opponent into nirvana. Only the use of the 2-set bonus has to be planned beforehand. If the shield hit

"critts", then hardly anyone survives it. If you're unlucky and it doesn't hit critically, the opponent is still almost dead. Read also these interesting stories 6

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By the way, Rextroy recommends the Cosmic Gladiator's gem Meticulous Determination

for this, so you can't be countered during the attack. With this tactic, as you can see in the video, he easily beat his way up through the arena to a rating beyond 2000. Maybe we should unpack the warrior twist again. to the homepage Jump to comments (0) Philipp Sattler