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WoW: Discord in-game overlay causes WoW...

Due to various additional features, Discord is gradually displacing voice chats like Teamspeak and the like and is now also used by many WoW players. One...

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WoW: Asmongold to the Council of Players? Blizzard gives cryptic answer

The Council of Players is a new initiative by Blizzard to better communicate with World of Warcraft players. The Council will bring together up to 100 players from all areas of the game to improve WoW together with the developers.

And who would have more expertise, more experience, more perspectives on many different topics in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ), if not WoW's biggest influencer by far, Asmongold?! After the death of his mother, other things occupied him more lately, but of course he had followed the announcement of the Player Council and even filled out an application form. You can see the result in the following video.

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But his application didn't really seem serious.

"Do you want to hear my application for the WoW community thing? Because I did apply," Asmongold notes, before reading to his audience."Honestly, I wasn't sure I was going to apply for it until I just did Adamant Vaults and got a duplicate of the three pairs of golden shoulder transmogs that are supposed to drop."

"What a pile of piss-poor garbage that is," he concludes."I'm not having any fun."

After describing his problems with the game, he checks his emails to see if today was indeed his lucky day.

WoW: The Council of Players - Trailer introduces new community council

"I was just checking my email to see if they sent me a response," he tells his friend before opening his inbox. "It says, 'Your support status ticket has been changed to resolved.'A Game Master has resolved your ticket and left you the following reply: ' No reply sent

. '"

To his friend's joke about being "on the front bur


" he replies, "They probably have to forward my request to management because it was just so good that they wanted to make sure they could give me a proper invitation without scaring me off, or to verify that I was really serious.


Would you like to see Asmongold on the Player Council? Write us in the comments.

Want to join the Council of Players yourself? You can apply on this website

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