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WoW: At the last minute - balancing adjustments to the Mage Tower

Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8, 2021, the first Legion timewalk will start in WoW Shadowlands, bringing new content for players for the first time since patch 9.1. Whereas new is relative here, of course - because both the timewalking versions of the Mythic-Plus dungeons and the returning Mage Tower are actually not new, but were already playable in the very popular Legion expansion.

Yay, Legion at last!

Nevertheless, many WoW players have been looking forward to tackling the various scenarios of the Mage Tower with their characters for weeks now and, depending on the difficulty level, gritting their teeth for a long time. But to make sure that this is really the case and that players don't go through the Mage Tower butter like a hot knife, Blizzard is investing quite a bit in suitable balancing.

Many items, buffs, consumables or other player-strengthening things have therefore been blacklisted and do not work in the Mage Tower. This list has now been expanded and the balancing has also been tightened at the last minute.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

More effects on the blacklist

Two more effects have been added to the blacklist by the developers.

  • Reinforcement
  • Light Blood Elixir

The former is the effect of various trinkets that can be captured in the Battle for Orgrimmar (for example, Prismatic Pride Prison or Thok's Tail Tip). The latter is the effect of the item Lightblood Elixir, which was already used in the actual Mage Tower at the time to make the fight against Agatha easier.

Also interesting: These effects are deactivated in the Timewalk Mage Tower!

Balancing adjustment

With Sigryn, Xylem and Kruul, three of the seven bosses were touched up again and received balancing adjustments.


  • Knowledge of the Ancestors - the shield effect has been slightly weakened
  • Hurl Axe - the damage has been slightly reduced

Thus, the fight was generally simplified a bit. Especially the reduction of the shield effect is good for classes without much burst damage or cooldowns. In addition, the otherwise relatively long fight should be a bit shorter.

Archmage Xylem

  • Comet hail - damage was drastically increased
  • Shadow Barrage - damage was slightly increased

High Lord Kruul was one of the toughest bosses in the Mage Tower at the time. Source: Blizzard This made the fight a bit harder. However, shadow barrage should never hit the player anyway. You have to leave the comet hail even faster now, and staying in it is no longer an option.

Highlord Kruul

  • Annihilate - the effect now no longer ends with death
  • Mind Wound - damage has been drastically increased

Mind Wound 's damage was so low on the PTR that you could almost ignore it. Now that should no longer be the case. The customization of Annihilate is aimed at abusing trinkets or effects that let you survive your own death and thus reset Annihilate (for example: webs of warped fates)

Are you looking forward to tackling the Mage Tower again starting December 8, 2021 - maybe because you didn't play then? Or is this just rehashed old content that doesn't interest you?

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