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WoW: Discord in-game overlay causes WoW...

Due to various additional features, Discord is gradually displacing voice chats like Teamspeak and the like and is now also used by many WoW players. One...

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WoW: Boost group in a different way - Method pays rogues 500k gold for co-raiding

Next Wednesday, July 14, the mythic mode of the new raid Sanctum of Domination opens in WoW Shadowlands and the Race to World First begins. The newly formed guild and organization Method apparently wants to get back into the game and challenge Limit for the throne. And it seems that Sco's guild relies mainly on well-equipped villains. For them, there is a dagger to capture from the end boss Sylvanas, which is not only fancy, but also means a massive DpS push. So it seems clear that all the main villains at Method want this one badly. To achieve that, they are now even paying other players.

In plain English, Method is paying all rogues who accompany them on their runs through normal mode this weekend and kill end boss Sylvanas with them 500,000 gold cash right off the bat. Another 1,500,000 gold will be given away to lucky rogues who capture the Night's Edge

dagger from Sylvanas and give it to one of the Method raiders. In order for this to work, however, the interested rogues must meet three conditions. Firstly, they must not have an ID at Sylvanas and the rogue must be a Hordler on a European server. Secondly, they must already own at least one n dagger with item level 233. This can be obtained via the mythical Count Denathrius or via PvP. This should massively limit the amount of potential players.

But if you're one of the rogues who owns one and don't have plans this weekend, you can sign up using the link in the tweet below.

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