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WoW Classic: Chapeau, Blizzard! The Chrono Strength Shifter is great

WoW Classic's world buffs are a polarizing topic. They are a part of vanilla WoW, but few players used them regularly at the time. With Classic, that has changed drastically, as almost everyone loves to blast through raid bosses fully buffed. At the same time, hardly anyone likes having to get the world buffs week after week. Especially not on PvP servers, where you can quickly lose the powerful buffs with just one dispell.

Sometimes players get the world buffs several days before the actual raid evening, because a) you never know if world buffs with a long cooldown will be released outside the agreed times, and b) to build up a time buffer in case you become the victim of a PvP attack again. And as soon as the character had all buffs, he was parked somewhere and only brought out of deep sleep again for the port before the raid instance. All this in combination was not much fun and sometimes frustrating.

Performance: Chrono Gain Shifter

WoW Classic: All that's missing is the Song Flower, then we'll have all the buffs saved via Chrono Strength Shifter. Source: buffed

Possible solutions came out of the community many. Some wanted to abolish world buffs completely or ban them within instances, and in both cases turn #nochanges into #bigchanges. Others wanted the EU and US to have a world buff system similar to China, where players can pick up their world buffs every hour. Still others just wanted World Buffs to be impossible to purge.

And what are the Blizzard developers doing? On April 21st, they'll implement a solution that seems unnecessarily complex at first glance: After completing a few quests and paying 10 gold pieces, go to Chromie in Andorhal and get the Chrono Strengthener, which you can use to save the World Buffs you've already gotten. The saved World Buffs are stored in an overloaded Chrono Strength Shifter. Once you activate that, you'll get all those saved World Buffs back. And you know what? I was skeptical at first, but now I find Blizzard's solution ingenious and much more elegant than the solutions suggested by the community!

This is why the Chrono Strength Shifter is awesome!

I find the Chrono Strength Shifter ingenious for several reasons:

  1. We still have access to the World Buffs, and we still have to do something to get them: defeat Onyxia, Hakkar, or Nefarian, clean up a Songflower, master a Tribute run in Bleak Quarry North, complete the Rend quest in UBRS. Plus: In the best case scenario, the community will continue to communicate with each other server-wide to clarify times and such. Likewise, players can continue to offer services around the World Buffs, such as ready-made DB North IDs or port services. All of this is good for MMO co-op.
  2. Players can get the World Buffs with their main character, activate the Chrono Strength Shifter, and then - crazy - continue to play the game with their main character. Since the item's introduction, you suddenly see characters in dungeons or battlegrounds that were online almost exclusively at raid time in the months before. The "world buff purge" issue has also been noticeably alleviated in this way.
  3. It's now much easier to secure spontaneous world buffs, as you can simply park your character online at the appropriate location. If you've already saved all the World Buffs you've gotten so far with a Chrono Strength Shifter, you won't lose a single minute of runtime while waiting on them. Also, the order in which you get the World Buffs doesn't matter anymore if you have enough Chrono Power Shifters in your bag and pay attention to the cooldown time for saving them.
  4. Within raids, we players are much more flexible now. On Sunday, for example, my guild raid was scheduled for Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad in Naxxramas. After that, I was supposed to go on to AQ40. So what did I do? After defeating the Lich, I immediately secured my buffs and took them out in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj in such a way that they were still enough for Ouro and C'Thun. But be careful: In combat you can neither save the World Buffs nor get them out. On the PTR, both were still possible.

The bottom line is that I'm very happy with the Chrono Strength Shifter and really only have one criticism: why wait until now, Blizzard?!!! After all, we're fast approaching Burning Crusade Classic, and on Outland, as we all know, World Buffs won't matter at all.

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