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WoW Classic: Rogue successfully tanks some bosses in Naxxramas

Veterans of the Burning Crusade era may remember when some rogues were able to successfully tank tricky raid bosses like Gruul. They were able to do this because their gear, talents, and buffs gave them such a high chance of dodging physical attacks. Shortly after the first videos were released, a real hype broke out in the rogue community. It felt like every assassin was suddenly collecting gear that could be used to improve their survival instead of damage dealt. The meta was then subverted by Blizzard developers, who made adjustments via hotfix thanks to which rogues could no longer achieve absurdly high dodge chances.

With the pre-patch, rogues now have access to the Burning Crusade talents for the first time, and some sword wielders may be wondering if they stand a chance as a tank in Outland. After all, the systems and values of TBC Classic are based on patch 2.4.3 and thus also on the hotfix mentioned at the beginning. A first answer might have recently been provided by the rogue Chodemunkey.

Chodemunkey from the US server Skeram managed to successfully tank some bosses in Naxxramas, namely Razuvios and Loatheb, and he also took over one of the tanking tasks on the four horsemen. Only the attempt at Patchwerk went to shit, because he threw a grenade and got caught by a hit from the monstrosity in the course of this action. Here is the footage of the respective fights (via Reddit, unfortunately not the PoV of Chodemunkey):

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Chodemunkey, of course, couldn't build up as much threat as a proper tank, which is why damage experts had to hold back. At the same time, the rogue pretty much didn't need to be healed at all because it took almost no damage. Unfortunately, there's no log for the run on Warcraft Log Classic, and we couldn't find any other details about the rogue's talent distribution or equipment. Still, this run gives hope that rogues could successfully tank some bosses in TBC Classic.

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