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WoW Classic: Suspicion of Ninjaloot? Item gone? Reddit settles (with)

One thing up front: WoW fan and Druid player Onetwo got what he wanted, and rightfully so. But until he reached that point, he had to deal with an absurd-sounding story. Here's what Onetwo has to say on Reddit.

One who went out to heal

Onetwo was in WoW Burning Crusade Classic hunting for the healer's mace Justice of Light, which drops in Prince Malchezaar's raid Karazhan. He joined a PUG that was advertised as "free MS > OS" in the LFR channel, meaning: anyone can roll on the loot, but Main Spec has priority over the offspec. Perfect, Resto-Druid Onetwo probably thought, and joined the run through Karazhan. In the end, what the player had hoped for actually happened: Justice of Light dropped from Malchezaar. So a quick roll of the dice? Nah, not that.

At first, a discussion broke out. The other healer in the group, a priest, said he had claimed the mace from the raid leader before the run, but the raid leader disagreed. So then the dice could be rolled after all. Onetwo won quite clearly with his roll and was able to claim the coveted loot. But that wasn't the end of the story. Even after Onetwo had had the hammer enchanted for vast sums of money, he still received insults from the priest who had lost out.

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The alleged Ninjalooter

The following day, while playing a few rounds of Battlegrounds, Onetwo noticed that his healing power was somehow poor, and then found that Justice of Light had disappeared from his inventory, along with his expensive Enchant. A quick inquiry with a GM revealed that Onetwo had been reported for ninjalootings and the mace had been removed because of it. The investigation had confirmed the accusation and the matter was closed.

Onetwo wasn't going to take this lying down and responded to the ticket with an explanation of the situation, but the GMs had no sympathy. All of Onetwo's tickets were closed and the case was over. Because of this, Onetwo took his story to Reddit to draw attention to the case, as he felt he was being treated unfairly for understandable reasons.

The Happy End

About three hours later, after the Reddit WoW community helped Onetwo upvote his post, Onetwo got whisper mail in WoW (buy now €14.99 )

Burning Crusade Classic. The GMs made a mistake, and to compensate, they sent Onetwo not only Justice of Light with Enchantment in the mail, but also 30 days of game time. Onetwo thanked not only the GM who finally helped him, but also the WoW fans on Reddit.

Because the moral of the story actually seems to be: If you've been wronged in-game in WoW and can't find help via the ticket route, then going to Reddit seems to be able to provide some justice in the meantime. Let's hope that you don't get into a similar situation in the first place.

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