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WoW Column: Why does Blizzard hate Mythic-Plus players?

Before this little rant starts here, a quick review of the Tyrannical affix in Mythic-Plus. Since the introduction of Mythic-Plus dungeons in Legion, this fixed affix, which alternates with Reinforced every week, has counted as the harder of the two. Giving the boss enemy and their adds stat 40% more health and increasing their damage done by 15% is just very rad. With Shadowlands, Tyrannical has been tweaked again so that at least the boss' minions no longer benefit from the HP buff.

However, a 40% increase in boss HP alone is annoying enough. It drags out the boss fight especially on high keystones. In a race against time, it's especially bitter when you wipe after three minutes and have to start the long boss fight again. In some cases, the run is then over because it can no longer be completed in time. Dungeons with many boss mobs like Theater of Pain or instances with nasty bosses are therefore often ignored or declared unmanageable.

As a result, weeks in Reinforced are more popular and are called "push weeks" depending on the affix combination, because you can finally push your Mythic-Plus keystones up. Stronger trash mobs can at least be controlled, bypassed, or you don't lose as much time if you wipe on a group - the run on high difficulty isn't automatically failed then.

Let's be clear: Tyrannical weeks are unpopular in the community and even Blizzard has already reacted with minor nerfs. Players largely avoid Tyrannical Weeks and don't see the fun in hanging around bosses forever. At least you can get comfortable with the fact that the subsequent Mythic Plus ID will be good again.

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, prologue over, Rant on:

So what do you do as a developer? They're requiring dungeons to be completed on both Reinforced and Tyrannical for the Keystone achievements for patch 9.1 to get a full score in the new Mythic score. For those who missed it: To the article: Season 2 will take you twice as long to complete your M+ achievements.

I'm not a developer, and as someone who has been playing this game since release, I don't presume to be able to unbiasedly rank all of the devs' decisions 100%. However, no matter how or from what angle you look at this metric: It just doesn't make sense on so many levels.

1, Why force the Tyrannical affix on players in this form?
I don't want the Tyrannical affix to be generated into the ground. I, like a great many others probably, will take the +15 achievement at the end of the season. But the negative feedback on Tyrannical is so clear after all that you'd better change the affix. Instead, they're going in a completely different direction and forcing players to play extra Tyrannical for their achievements instead. Was it the other way around at Blizzard on the day of this idea, or what happened here?

2. mythic-plus doesn't become more popular because of this
I don't know if Blizzard has noticed, but for a lot of players - especially those with classes that aren't designed for Mythic-Plus - Mythic-Plus is a pain in the ass. In my Bubble, you often only do the bare minimum (a +15 stone for the weekly reward). Doubling the effort for the Season achievement with the Tyrannical change doesn't make the feature gain popularity. It's cutting into your own flesh. Again, why do people think the other way around here? Inexplicable ...

3. rewards don't justify the effort
Is the Season Reward too easy to earn if you complete most of the dungeons during Reinforced Weeks? Do the developers really have this thought process? If so, have they looked at the Key Master achievement rewards themselves?

Perhaps the devs view the M+ achievements as a bit too prestigious, unlike the players. The mount for the +15 achievement looks cool, but you know what you get for the keystone master achievement in season 2? A RECOLOR OF THE SAME MOUNTS! Why should I spend more time on that? I already have the same mount, so to speak. That's just another reason why you'd drive more players away from Mythic-Plus with this change.

4. content stretching at the worst time ever
I usually roll my eyes at most topics that involve timegating. But ok, when we write ourselves that it now takes you twice as long to get your Mythic Plus achievements - which as we've unraveled, makes little sense from many perspectives - there's nothing to talk around.

And the content stretch would even be compatible with me if it didn't come at the most impossible time in WoW history: the already latest X.1 patch in WoW history! Yes, the lack of a third major patch for Shadowlands means that patch 9.1 will probably run long enough for even a very lazy Mythic Plus player to bag his +15 achievement at the end of Season 2. But players will have been playing Mythic-Plus for over half a year with the release of patch 9.1 and the Tyrannical adjustment, and will have gotten the achievements and mount. This only reinforces the fact that I'm thinking twice about doing Mythic-Plus in Season 2.

How can you piss off players in so many ways with one little change, make them sick of your content, and then find the worst time in WoW history to do it? Even as someone who can't see behind the scenes at the devs, it just doesn't go through my head how you can shit in like this with this customization.

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