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WoW: Content drought, community death, scandals - do you still have a WoW subscription?

At Blizzard Entertainment, the baby has fallen into the well several times over the past few years. Let's take a sober look at the recent past and leave aside PR missteps like Blitzchung, Diablo Immortal or Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Saving on personnel

Internal restructuring measures have not met with much understanding - and they probably never will, not in any company in this world. For years, Blizzard Entertainment has been rigorously sorting out what we need and what we don't need. Of course, from an economic point of view, this is understandable.

However, it is incomprehensible when in Europe, where many loyal Blizzard fans live, just about everything that has been built up over more than a decade in terms of community management and PR work is cut. European fans also made World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 ) and the other game series great.

At times, the successful online role-playing game had an excellent team of European community managers, which has shrunk to a staff of zero these days. We've already complained several times that players outside the US are treated second-class - and that probably won't change.

Saving on content

Then the developers of WoW, Diablo and Co. have had to deal with the restrictions and effects of a worldwide pandemic for just under two years, just like us. The initial shock when the coronavirus first began to take over the world, then all the precautionary measures, some of which remain in place today, and finally the logistical challenge of making it possible for hundreds and thousands of people to work from home ...

I think by now we all know how difficult it was and how difficult it continues to be to come to terms with this situation. But I also think we've learned a lot. And game developers may have taken away a lesson or two as well. In this respect, it may still have been forgivable that WoW fans had to wait so long for the first Shadowlands patch.
Nevertheless, many players feel that they don't get enough for their monthly fee, especially if you look at Final Fantasy XIV's patch cycle, for example.

Skimping on tolerance

Finally, there's the absolute scandal with the sexism and discrimination lawsuit that's been rattling not only Blizzard, but also parent company Activision Blizzard for months. Every three or four weeks there are new revelations, new findings that couldn't be more hair-raising. Just recently, it was said that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick knew what was going on in the company he heads - and that he himself was dirty in this regard.

Activision Blizzard | CEO Bobby Kotick allegedly knew about harassment - News

The recent headlines give the impression that the publicly traded corporation is trying to keep up the appearance of change, of improvement - but in reality nothing is happening.

Is the patience of WoW fans at an end?

We've all seen more frequent comments in recent months that gamers want to cancel their subscriptions and stop playing Activision Blizzard games. More often than not. Dissatisfaction over the content lull and lost sense of appreciation have played as big a part as outrage and bewilderment over what's happening behind the scenes.

Now I've talked for a long time and I'm finally getting to the point: Do you actually still have a WoW subscription right now? Have you cancelled it? Do you now keep your hands off games from Activision, Blizzard and King?

I've set up a small survey in which you're very welcome to participate. It's anonymous and you don't have to justify your decision. Create your own user feedback survey.

If you still want to share your opinion with me and the editorial team, please feel free to use the comment function.

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