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WoW: How the CGI model of Anduin Wrynn was...

Senior Surfacing Artist Wey Wong worked primarily on the cinematic videos for WoW: Battle for Azeroth. He gave the legendary WoW hero Anduin Wrynn a realistic...

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WoW: Corruption effects abolished? Not in Stormwind Dungeon

Corruption effects are one of those features in WoW that everyone probably had a strong opinion about. A few, few thought they were great, but most were probably rather glad when they flew out of the game with the Shadowlands pre-patch. Finally, no more absurd amounts of secondary stats, DpS meters that explode based on a random effect, and no more endless farming to stock up on the appropriate effects at MOTHER. Instead, equipment systems are once again much clearer and easier to understand in the latest expansion, which of course has also made it a bit more boring, but most players are happy to put up with that.

The fact that the Corruption effect has been removed from the game, however, has apparently not yet spread throughout Azeroth. That's the only way (and not a bug or something) to explain the fact that a player has now captured a corrupted item in Stormwind dungeon while leveling. Perhaps the inmates of Stormwind Prison didn't notice that our heroes have already defeated N'Zoth.

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Interestingly, though, the item was only marked as spoiled, but did not possess any spoilage effect. This would have been all the more curious then, since even in Battle for Azeroth, no such items actually dropped during leveling. Perhaps something went wrong with the item and level squashing introduced with Shadowlands, which resulted in minor bugs in some places in the game.

Do you miss the spoilage system from time to time or are you still glad that it was abolished at the end of BfA?