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WoW: Cry for help from top US guilds in the face of faction imbalance

The faction balance in WoW has been out of whack for a long time and is tilting more and more to one side. This is nothing new and who reads diligently on, which should have already noticed - Massive faction imbalance - what can Blizzard do. And it's also no secret that Blizzard hasn't really taken any action yet.
But now, for the first time, US guilds are officially speaking out. And we're not talking about just any run-of-the-mill holiday guilds, but the leaders of a large portion of the remaining top US Alliance guilds.

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They want to use this to bring more focus to the increasingly prevalent problem of faction imbalance. In WoW Shadowlands alone, countless Alliance guilds have switched to the Horde or disbanded, they say. The few remaining guilds are having an increasingly difficult time finding suitable players. New players are also more likely to join the Horde because they can find teammates and connections more quickly.
It's not even just about top raiding. Ambitious Mythic-Plus players or PvP fans would also hardly find suitable groups. The problem of the lack of balance runs through all forms of group play.

According to the guild leaders, the approaches Blizzard has taken to solve this problem so far have all failed or come many years too late. If Blizzard would not intervene soon, we would soon get a similar picture on the US servers (and the EU servers) as on the Oceanic servers, where almost all players belong to one faction. (Curiously, on the few OC servers, the Horde is more or less completely extinct.)

Of course, there would also be the simple solution for the few remaining guilds to switch to the Horde. However, over the course of many years in WoW, the Alliance has become the home of many players who are reluctant to give it up. They love the Alliance and would therefore currently still go the extra mile to avoid having to switch factions. But the question is how long they will be able to do that.

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