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WoW: Developers nerf weapons and Kyrian bonus in Necrotic Lane

The WoW developers are constantly working on large and small details of the online role-playing game and publish these changes mostly in the latest patch notes. Sometimes, however, there are adjustments that do not make it into the patch notes and therefore end up on community lists of undocumented changes. That's exactly what happened with the weapons and Kyrian bonus you can use in the Shadowlands dungeon Necrotic Aisle.

Trashmobs are now doubly dangerous

That's because the developers have generated the weapons and bonus related to the Mythic+ affix Tyrian. The three weapons and the Kyrian bonus are now only half as strong as before due to this nerf. As a result, Necrotic Lane, especially on Mythic+ with the Tyrannical affix, is now a lot more challenging than it was before the nerf. Strategies that allowed you to quickly clear larger groups of trash mobs by combining the Discharged Anima and Bloody Javelin weapons are now a thing of the past.

You'll need to be more careful about how many enemies you pull at once. The damage from Anima Blast (Kyrian bonus), Forgotten Forge Hammer, Bloody Javelin, and Discharged Anima is less reliable than before and no longer kills enemies directly.

The developers have not yet commented on why they generated the weapons and the Kyrian bonus. We assume, however, that players were running through the dungeon too quickly and that the trash mobs were not challenging enough. Either way, you should currently be wary of the normal enemies in the dungeon away from the bosses in combination with the Tyrannical affix.

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