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WoW: DpS Rankings in BC Classic - The best damage dealers in the raid

It came as a bit of a surprise to some that Burning Crusade Classic raids were also dispatched just as quickly as Classic WoW raids. This means that raid groups have already completed two raid IDs since the release of BC Classic on June 1.

It's worth taking a look at's damage meters to see if the predictions are accurate and if the best DpS classes from back in the day are really rocking the damage meters in the new edition of The Burning Crusade. Below we take a look at the DpS stats from the first two weeks at Maulgar, Gruul, Magtheridon, and Karazhan.

Don't be too disappointed if your class isn't at the top, though. In BC Classic, group buffing and the optimal raid setup make n o more difference, and the damage of the top DpS classes is often due to the support abilities of the specs, which tend to be lower down in overall damage.

Table of Contents

  1. 1BCClassic: DpS Ranking at Maulgar
  2. 2BCClassic: DpS-Ranking at Gruul
  3. 3BCClassic: DpS-Ranking at Magtheridon
  4. 4BCClassic: DpS Ranking in Karazhan

In all of the following rankings, we look at the 80th percentile of players - so not the exceptional logs, but already the stats of above-average players. In the 90+ logs there are too many shenanigans that are not used in a normal raid, for example rotating through shamans that give heroism / battle rage to individual groups/players.

BC Classic: DpS Ranking at Maulgar

BC Classic: The best damage dealers at Maulgar (80th percentile) Source:

The fight against Maulgar is generally not a very good guide to the best damage dealers in BC Classic, as in this fight, Mage and Warlock, for example, have special roles. However, both don't have to hold back on threat and even have to build up aggro on a sustained basis. This leaves Warlock and Fire Mage at the top of the damage meter in this fight.

Shadow Priests have the opportunity to multidot a bit here, which is why they bang out some decent damage in addition to mana regeneration for the healers. As will also be shown in the following bosses, especially the Beastlord Hunter is always high up, as already suspected before release.

BC Classic: DpS Ranking for Gruul

BC Classic: The best damage dealers at Gruul (80th percentile) Source:

Gruul is a very Melee-unfriendly fight, so none of the melee fighters are really far ahead on the DpS meter. Rather, agile ranged fighters are called for here. Of course, the already strong Beastlord Hunter does best here. Even when he's out of range, his pet pounds the boss and does the bulk of the overall damage.

BC Classic: DpS Ranking for Magtheridon

BC Classic: The best damage dealers at Magtheridon (80th percentile) Source:

With Magtheridon, classes with Cleave/AoE come to the fore for the first time, which is why the Warrior has a small star moment. The Demonology Warlock also plays to its strengths here with the Devil's Guard. Once again, though, The Hunter pets do more damage than most other damage dealers.

BC Classic: DpS Ranking in Karazhan

BC Classic: The best damage dealers in Karazhan (All bosses 80th percentile) Source:

Also the summary of Karazhan is actually hard to judge. Players have gotten so much better compared to back in the day that manhce boss fights sometimes don't last 40 seconds. Even in non-top percent, most bosses simply come down to who can do more burst damage in 60 seconds with cooldowns before the damage would normalize.

But Karazhan also shows what was suspected ahead of time. Warlock, and especially Hunter of course, are extremely easy to play and do an extreme amount of damage with just a few buttons. Classes below that are mostly meant to support Warlock, Mage and Hunter.

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