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WoW: Enough is enough! Annoying advertising for boost groups takes over

Boost groups in WoW are a divisive issue. Some players like to use their services and enjoy spending their hard-earned gold to get achievements, items or mounts that they would otherwise never be able to earn - be it due to lack of time, desire or whatever. For others, such groups have been sent by the devil himself. Because if you don't earn something yourself, you shouldn't be entitled to it. Which opinion one represents now, or whether the truth lies somewhere in the middle, everyone must settle with itself.

If you don't like boost groups, you don't have to take advantage of their offers and you won't be bothered by them - or so you would think. However, these groups also want to find buyers and therefore rely on advertising... extremely annoying advertising. From posts in the trade chat to a group search stuffed with boost groups to antiquated methods like sending in-game mail. You have no chance to escape these groups - even though advertising such services within the game is actually forbidden by Blizzard. WoW: Enough is enough! Annoying advertising for boost groups takes over (1) Source: USSHentai / reddit

In the meantime, advertisers have also rediscovered invitations in the calendar. In the process, dates are created and, at first glance, players are invited indiscriminately. The description of the invitation and its title are then again the same advertising messages. "We virtually guarantee you the best arena rating this side of the Maelstrom for almost no gold, and legendary bragging equipment on the side!". Putting the inviting player on the ignore list doesn't make sense, since such chars are soon deleted and replaced by new ones anyway.

So slowly it is enough for many players. Boost groups or not. But if you are permanently spammed with their advertising, without being able to do anything against it, then it's just annoying. At the latest then even players who don't really care about such groups develop an aversion to the word "Boost Group". But apparently Blizzard is powerless against it - or unwilling to crack down.

What's your take on the matter - do you also get harassed by Boost Group ads so often, or is it more of a local phenomenon? And are Boost Groups more of a curse or a blessing for you?

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