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WoW: Discord in-game overlay causes WoW...

Due to various additional features, Discord is gradually displacing voice chats like Teamspeak and the like and is now also used by many WoW players. One...

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WoW: Fantastic doom metal cover of the Arthas song gives you goosebumps

Who doesn't know them? The legendary band Elite Tauren Chieftains has been making noise in World of Warcraft for years, and the illustrious rockers are not the only musicians who fascinate the community. In the long history of Warcraft, many composers and songwriters have created small and large masterpieces, adding atmospheric music to the fantastic scenery in the game.

The legend of Arthas remains unforgotten

Legendary pieces of music such as the eerily beautiful Arthas Song remain among the most popular and most played songs from World of Warcraft to this day. The iconic ballad with the mournful melody was the background music in the trailer for Wrath of the Lich King when Arthas awoke and rose from the Frost Throne after a long hibernation. The moment he rammed Frostmourne into the ice to awaken Sindragosa, the dragon's cry, and that melody will be remembered forever!

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer

So we're not surprised that one or two WoW fans are picking up a musical instrument or microphone themselves and reinterpreting the classic pieces of music from World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 ). There are countless fan projects on the net that show WoW in a new light. One of them is the talented musician Nivan Sharma, who published a self-arranged cover of the Stormwind theme on Youtube.

WoW meets Doom Metal

Today, we put the spotlight on another musician and WoW fan. Chernabogue, in collaboration with guitarists RichGC and Rusty Powers, created a wicked doom metal cover of the Arthas theme song from WotLK. Be sure to listen to this rocking interpretation of the legendary WoW song "Arthas, my Son".

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How do you like this doom metal cover of Arhtas theme from WotLK? And what iconic tunes from World of Warcraft are still ringing in your head today? Write it down in the comments.

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