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WoW: Let the tiger out in Legion! The Beast Lord Hunter with two companions!

The Beastlord Hunter is the favorite of many WoW players who want to play a mobile ranged class. However, Blizzard has apparently not been satisfied with the hunter's playstyle so far. The differences to the other playstyles were too small for the developers. The new idea for the upcoming WoW expansion World of Warcraft: Legion:

"A gifted hunter feels a deep connection with the creatures of the wilderness from the time of his birth. This bond draws hunters skilled in animal mastery out into the dangerous, harsh world of untamed nature. Untamed landscapes become their home. Wild predators become their family. Whether on the hunt or in the thick of battle, lords of beasts summon a pack of deadly creatures to overwhelm their prey and shake the will of their opponents with bared teeth."

This sounds like more companions, and it is. With the artifact weapon, you get a wolf that attacks in parallel with your own pet. All abilities on your first companion also apply to "Hati". That alone would provide a breath of fresh air. But Blizzard intervenes even deeper in the gameplay and deletes important abilities from the spellbook, like Deadly Shot or Arcane Shot! The previous talent, Alphatian, becomes the new centerpiece of the gameplay. Experienced hunters no longer understand the world: Cobra Shot now costs Focus?!

We clarify and show you all the changes in the video and explain the talents. What do you think of Blizzard's overhaul? Write it in the comments!


: All clear! The fact that Kobra shot no longer worked from the movement was actually a bug in the beta. It has now been fixed and Cobra Shot is an ordinary spontaneous spell. This means that the Beastlord Hunter plays just as mobile as before. Thanks Blizzard!Support buffed - it will only take a minute. Thank you!

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