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WoW: How the CGI model of Anduin Wrynn was...

Senior Surfacing Artist Wey Wong worked primarily on the cinematic videos for WoW: Battle for Azeroth. He gave the legendary WoW hero Anduin Wrynn a realistic...

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WoW Lore: The Necrolords' Pact Campaign: Short and sweet summary!


The Shadowlands: The Adventure Begins!

The Secrets of Ve'nari Ve'nari belongs to the race of the Midwayers. These are mechanical beings who live in Oribos and serve the Judge. Some Midwayers, however, have left Oribos and roam the Shadowlands, conducting shady business. Ve'nari has chosen a particularly dangerous place as her refuge - the Maw. There, she trades Stygia for all sorts of useful items needed to fight the dungeon master's minions. How Ve'nari has managed to survive in the dungeon master's shadow for eons without being discovered remains a mystery for now. For some reason, Ve'nari is hiding from Cartel Ve, a group of middlemen who are very interested in the Maw. It seems that Ve'nari had betrayed the Cartel and is now hiding in the Maw so that no one can hold her accountable. Ve'nari has been hiding in the Maw for millennia. No one really knows what she's doing in the dark realm of the Dungeon Master, or why she's helping us. Source: Blizzard As mentioned earlier, the leaders of the Covenants first send us to the Maw. There we meet Ve'nari. The midwayer gives us the Soul Keeper, which we can use to save some souls from the Maw. Ve'nari also helps us find Baine Bluthuf in Torghast. However, she does not help us out of good will, but always demands something in return from us. For Stygia and all sorts of dubious artifacts, she even risks being discovered. While Ve'nari explains that our relationship is purely business, she actually shows concern for us from time to time. Perhaps the enigmatic midwife hopes that one day she can leave the Maw and return to Oribos a powerful woman.

All roads lead to Torghast

Bolvar sets up headquarters in Oribos. Together with the Midwayers, the former Lich King plans the battle against Sylvanas and the Dungeon Master. Source: buffed The second great common denominator of all Pact stories is Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. He summons all the heroes in Oribos to help him free the kidnapped faction leaders from the clutches of the Dungeon Master. His quests usually take us to the dungeon master's dark dungeon. Finally, we come across a mysterious prisoner in Torghast who calls himself Runemason. This creature has lost his memory and we help him to regain his memories bit by bit. With each memory, the Runemason gains strength and is able to break free from the first shackle, at least in the beginning. In return, the Runemason forges powerful armor for us, which gives us great power.

The Necrolords

Upon our return to Maldraxxus, we learn that the treacherous houses continue to lay siege to the seat of Primus. Our heroes solemnly swear an oath to protect the sanctuary of the Necrolords and restore Maldraxxus to its former power. We beat back the enemy forces, but the battle for the seat of Primus and its secrets continues.

The plan of Baroness Vashj

The armor of the Primus gives the Necrolords the authority they need to unite all Maldraxxi factions under one banner. Source: buffed To strengthen the Necrolords' defenses, Baroness Vashj plans to capture an enemy Necropolis. We are assembling a powerful army of survivors from the House of Eyes and renegades from other houses. United under one banner, the army will take the Necropolis of Cerecriss. While scouring the necropolis, we find a powerful artifact - the lost bracers of Primus.

Mograine's Legacy

The Necrolords have learned that the House of Constructs is continuing its assault on the Bastion. Alexandros Mograine volunteers to assist the Kyrians. After defeating the enemy forces in the Temple of Courage, the Necrolords forge an alliance with the Kyrians. We then accompany Mograine on a spiritual journey. The virtuous Kyrians have so impressed Alexandros that he regrets that the Judge transported his soul to Maldraxxus rather than the Kyrians. Xandria, the Paragon of Courage, tries to help, explaining to Mograine that the Kyrians must let go of their memories in order to fulfill their sacred duty. Alexandros, however, draws strength from his memories and the strong bond with his family. Mograine then accepts his fate and prepares for battle against Margrave Gharmal and the House of Constructs.

The Scourge of Quel'Thalas

The lich lady Ouix'Ara is working for Kel'Thuzad! Source: buffed Alexandros Mograine and Xandria bring Gharmal and his House to their knees. Among the Margrave's belongings we discover the Cloak of Primus, along with several canisters of Anima from Revendreth. A short time later we find out that the Lich Lady Ouix'Ara is up to her mischief in the realm of the Venthyr. We follow her to Revendreth, where the accuser greets us. The Venthyr introduces us to Kael'thas Sunwalker, as the blood elf is to help us take down the traitorous Maldraxxi and their leader. In the fight against Ouix'Ara, we find out that the lich Kel'Thuzad was behind the attack on Revendreth. After uncovering and thwarting the conspiracy from the House of Rituals and Revendreth, we capture the shoulder pieces of the Primus, further increasing the prestige of the Necrolords.

The House of Rituals

Together with Draka and the allied Necrolords, we confront the traitor Kel'Thuzad. Source: buffed Now it is high time to take the battle to the House of Rituals. A lich named Balmedar offers his aid to the Necrolords and smuggles our heroes into Sin'danes Necropolis. But Kel'Thuzad is prepared for the attack and immediately throws the intruders into prison. In the dark dungeon of the fortress, we first try to learn more about Kel'Thuzad's plans. Disguised as an acolyte of the house, we help the lich prepare a special ritual. He no longer makes a big secret of the fact that he has been working for the dungeon master behind Sin'dane's back all this time. His big goal is to unleash the power of the Maw on Maldraxxus. We manage to sabotage Kel'Thuzad's ritual, but we arrive too late to warn the mistress of the house.


After the coup, Kel'Thuzad arrests the Margravine Sin'dane and takes control of the House of Rituals in her stead. The Necrolords and the Venthyr forge an alliance and attack the Lich's stronghold. The Necrolords are victorious! But before we can deal the death blow to Kel'Thuzad, the dungeon master's minions appear and drag the lich into the Maw. Margravine Sin'dane is grateful for their rescue and leaves us the Staff of Primus. This is the last of the regalia of the former leader of the Necrolords. The return of the artifacts inspires all Maldraxxi and the once divided army reunites under one banner.