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WoW: Discord in-game overlay causes WoW...

Due to various additional features, Discord is gradually displacing voice chats like Teamspeak and the like and is now also used by many WoW players. One...

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WoW: Media catch-up mechanics coming for new level 60 heroes

The grind of the various and different levels of media for a WoW hero who has just reached level 60 can become confusing and tedious. After all, the media have a sometimes significant influence on the play styles of all twelve WoW classes - and before a new twink at level 60 can jump straight into the endgame, he actually has to collect the media that are most interesting to him first.

The developers of World of Warcraft (buy now ) think that this makes little sense, and therefore promise a new item before WoW 9.2, which makes the media grind obsolete. After all, the fans think, but actually too late.

Incense of Infinity: All media, all at item level 200

On the WoW forums, Community Manager Linxy notes the following developer plans: "We've read the discussions about collecting media on new level 60 characters and agree that it can be difficult to find the media you're looking for. To make the search easier, we've started designing an item called Incense of Infinity [Editor's note: Incense of Infinity in the original] that level 60 characters can use in their Pact's Forge to learn all mediums and increase the item level of all mediums to 200."

The item will be brought into the game as a hotfix, so to speak, in the coming weeks. The Incense can then be purchased from the Au'Dara Heirloom Mediator in Oribos for 500 gold by Heroes who have reached Fame Rank 80.

WoW: The Great Push - Trailer for the start of Season 2

Do you think this is a good idea? A bit late, perhaps, according to WoW fans commenting on the forum, but nevertheless, in their eyes, it's about time.

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