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WoW: Necrotic, Furious, Inciting - big nerfs for many affixes

The alternating affixes in WoW's Mythic-Plus dungeons are meant to provide variety, which undoubtedly works great. However, there are some affix combinations that are significantly harder than others. This happens, for example, when two affixes are combined that both go in the same direction - such as last week, when Bloody and Necrotic both required the tanks to do extra work. But even the affixes themselves aren't perfectly balanced. To fix that better, we'll be getting a whole slew of balancing adjustments with patch 9.1.5. The first of these have already arrived on the PTR.

The nerfs for the affixes in patch 9.1.5 at a glance

  • Necrotic now only lasts 6 seconds (previously 9 seconds).
  • Inciting will now only buff surrounding enemies for 20 seconds.
  • Enrage now increases damage to non-boss enemies by 50 percent (previously 75 percent).

Thanks to the adjustment to Necrotic , tanks can more easily reset the effect without having to leave combat completely. This makes it easier to survive against larger groups of enemies. In fact, a mass stun and a few feet of distance is usually all it takes for Necrotic stacks to run out.

The customization of Incite should also appeal to most players. Since the debuff that massively boosts mobs now expires after 20 seconds, you no longer have to wipe to reset the debuff if you make a mistake. Instead, you put the mob in a control effect and deal with it later. This also opens up new paths and possibilities. Primarily, though, you won't be punished quite as harshly for mistakes - if you've "bolstered" a boss, for example.

The adjustment to Rage, on the other hand, means that if you don't have a class that can remove that Rage effect from the really dangerous enemies in those weeks, it won't be quite as bad.

Do these nerfs meet your expectations? Have you ever boycotted Mythic+ because of nasty combos? Tell us your horror experiences in the comments!

World of Warcraft: Launch Trailer for Update 9.1 "Chains of Domination

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