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WoW: How the CGI model of Anduin Wrynn was...

Senior Surfacing Artist Wey Wong worked primarily on the cinematic videos for WoW: Battle for Azeroth. He gave the legendary WoW hero Anduin Wrynn a realistic...

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WoW: No new soul shapeshifts for Nachtfae in patch 9.0.5

With additional visual customization options, the developers can actually always make the players of WoW a joy. Be it unlocking more sets or items for the transmog system, adding new mounts or more options for character creation. And so, of course, it was little surprise that many players were happy to be able to visually customize their Soulform (the signature ability of the Night Fae) and take on the role of many different animal spirits. Many different variants are already in the game and it is expected that more animal forms will follow in upcoming patches.

Actually, it was assumed that more animal forms would be added to the game with patch 9.0.5. At least several different forms were found in the data. But now it seems that the Nachtfae among us will have to wait a little longer. Apparently they will not make it into the game yet. The corresponding quests are still placeholders, which doesn't mean that we'll see them in the game on Wednesday. Apparently we will have to wait until patch 9.1. Then we might not only see the new characters, but also the variants that have been in the game since release, but cannot yet be collected by our heroes.