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WoW: Patch 9.0.5 - Undocumented changes for Tirna Scithe

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Update, 03/15/2021
The WoW developers have also made a few undocumented adjustments to the dungeon "The Mists of Tirna Scithe". We've added to our list below accordingly and highlighted the new additions for you as an update.

Update, 03/14/2021
More undocumented changes have been made to the world map's vocation quest display and the Mythic+ difficulty of the Plaguefall dungeon. We have updated the list accordingly and highlighted the additions in yellow.

Update, 3/13/2021
We have expanded the list below to include changes to the Auction House that are not noted in the official patch notes. The additions are highlighted in yellow in the list.

Original Message: When a new patch is released for World of Warcraft, developers often include some tweaks to the game that they don't note in the official patch notes. The recently released patch 9.0.5 for WoW: Shadowlands is no exception. Therefore, we summarize for you which undocumented changes for the latest WoW update are known so far. We will also update the following list if further changes become known.

WoW Patch 9.0.5 - All undocumented changes at a glance

The editors of Wowhead and the WoW community have discovered the following changes so far, which do not appear in the patch notes for patch 9.0.5:

  • Additional Mailboxes in Oribos: The WoW developers have doubled the number of mailboxes in Oribos. You will now also find two mailboxes near Idyllia.
  • Extra experience points for adventurers: Your adventurers that you can send on missions will now receive significantly more bonus experience when they complete quests.
  • Blood Elf Change: Male Blood Elves have received a slight facelift and now have wider jawbones, fuller lips, and a shorter nose.
  • Turnspeed command change: The maximum value for the WoW command console turnspeed macro is now 700 instead of 1,000 (command: /console turnspeed 700).
  • New Shortcuts in Fall of Man: Venthyr followers can now use a bat on the main level of Fall of Man in addition to the bat on the lower level to quickly get to the surface of Revendreth. There is also a horse on the surface that will take you near Castle Nathria for a fee of five Flooded Rubies.
  • Spirit Wolf Animation: The developers have adjusted the spirit wolf form of the shamans to make it look like the wolf is moving slower. The movement speed remains unchanged.
  • New House in the Forest of Elwynn: A new house has appeared in the Forest of Elwynn, presumably alluding to the character Volothamp Geddarm from Dungeons & Dragons.
  • New Maw Mount: Players can unlock a new mount for riding in the Maw with patch 9.0.5. We explain how in our separate guide.
  • Buy Badge of Honor: You can now purchase additional Badges of Honor from Vendor Zo'kuul in Oribos. The vendor will exchange 2,000 honor for an Orboreal award, which includes five badges of honor.
  • Night Fae Back Transmog Update: The developers have adjusted the back transmogs for Night Fae to eliminate clipping errors.
  • Gold Counter: When you sell one or more items from a vendor or receive gold in the mail, a new window will show you the total amount of gold you have received.
  • Appeal Quests: The world map will now show you in the tooltip of appealquests how long these tasks of your pact will last.

Auction House Adjustments:

  • The Auction House now differentiates the default price by variant of the same item, giving you a more accurate display of the price for items of different item levels.
  • The default price of battle pets is now based on the pet's rarity and level.
  • If you post an item on the Auction House and there are no auctions of the same category at that time, the default price will automatically be 1 silver.

Adjustments to Plague Rush Mythic+:

  • The two plague rocs at the entrance to Plaguefall have returned. Accordingly, you can now only avoid the groups of enemies at the beginning of the dungeon with greater effort by walking very carefully between them without popping a plague roc.
  • Mages can no longer use their Mirror Image spell to fight Brood Assassins in the boss fight against Domina Poisonblade. Instead, you will have to rely on Blink and Arcane Explosion to uncover the adds.

Adaptations to Tirna Scithe:

At the beginning of the Tirna Scithe maze, since patch 9.0, there was a small passage on the right side of the first clearing that you could use to cull the four mobs in the following clearing. However, the WoW developers have removed this option again with patch 9.0.5. However, there are two workarouds to still be able to cull a total of six mobs:

  • Your pets can still use the passage. So you have the option to send an action bar controllable pet into the next room to lure the other enemies.
  • Alternatively, you can drop down from the ramp and use an item or spell to slow your fall speed, then use an instant spell to cull the party in the next room once they're in your field of view.

Source: Wowhead, Icy Veins

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