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WoW Patch 9.1.5: Revision of the dungeon compendium - bonus loot separately

Bosses in WoW have had two different types of loot for many years now, which function more or less independently of each other. On the one hand, there is the actual loot, which consists of the various items that the respective boss can drop. On the other hand, there is also the additional loot. These are, for example, pets, mounts or, in the current expansion Shadowlands, the various media. You get these independently of the normal loot. So if you get a pet or a medium after killing a boss, this has absolutely no influence on whether you can also bag "normal" loot.

However, this separation is not very well explained in the game so far. For example, all potential loot items in the dungeon compendium are in a single list. Whether something is "normal" or "additional" loot is not directly displayed. However, this will change with the upcoming patch.

  • In patch 9.1.5, normal and additional loot will be displayed separately in the dungeon compendium.
Source: buffed Source: buffed

At least that's what a look at the current PTR for update 9.1.5 reveals. However, this adjustment is only active for some bosses so far. Since it makes little sense to implement the change only in places, it can be assumed that it will be changed in the following days and weeks for the rest of the bosses - at least for Shadowlands. For the bosses of the previous expansions, this should be less important, but would also be a fine thing. Because there are still some players who regularly pay visits to the old instances for mounts, pets and transmog gear.

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