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WoW Patch 9.1: Mythic-Plus-Score - The cons outweigh the pros for me

With patch 9.1 of WoW Shadowlands, Blizzard is integrating Mythic-Plus scores from and crafting its own Mythic-Plus score. So players no longer have to look up third-party sites to see how well a player did in M+ dungeons. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the system.

- No additional addons-
Quickly identify who to invite-
More rewards via Mythic Plus?

As mentioned, you can save yourself the trouble of updating and installing the addon. You will be able to see at a glance who qualifies and who doesn't, although of course you can still meet players who have bought their rating. This eliminates the need to trawl and link achievements, and gets the group together faster.

With the new scoring system, I'm sure Blizzard will also take the opportunity to gradually introduce rewards. For example, the transmog sets from MoP were very popular. This system could make a comeback. Smaller rewards like pets, titles, or weapon enchantments would also be conceivable, though. For Mythic Plus experts, who receive all but a mount and in 9.1 a dungeon teleport for their efforts, this could also provide new incentives. It would also give Mythic-Plus muffs like me the incentive to finally visit more Mythic dungeons.

- Another hurdle for players to be invited into groups besides item level-
Toxic overqualification for easy content is encouraged-
Encourages boosting even more


Everyone knows those groups where you're looking for the final boss on heroic, for example, but you only get an invite if you've already completed Mythic Raid XY. On the one hand, this is understandable if you've had bad experiences with players who have high item levels but don't know the boss mechanics. On the other hand, this attitude in the community leads to completely unrealistic expectations for the ottonormal player, since everyone is now looking exclusively for keystone masters for their +10 dungeon. This is always especially funny when the leader of the party is the furthest thing from these utopian requirements themselves.

While you do get better value for estimating a player for their M+ group in addition to item level, some specs are denied high keystones simply because of the equally overrated metagame. There you can be a mythic raider and PvP ace no matter how good, if your mythic plus score isn't right, you won't be invited.

For these specs and others with less raiding and PvP experience, the Mythic-Plus score will make it even harder to get into Mythic-Plus. Players will simply go through the list of signups in the search tool and take the players with the highest score from the top without scrolling down much further. Those who used to get into a group with a little luck will no longer have a chance with a little less experience.

Of course, this could also lead to players feeling compelled and seeking out boosting groups to even get to an acceptable rating, thus increasing their chances of being invited into groups in the future. Maybe Blizzard will figure out a way to tie ratings to class, spec, or other things.

Only solution: Build groups yourself?

It always sounds like a bad excuse, but if you can't beat this toxic system of overqualification, you'll have to make your own groups and either play up a keystone from a young age or find a suitable guild.

Conclusion: Is the Mythic Plus score good or bad?

From my point of view, the toxic part of the Mythic-Plus score does outweigh the toxic part. is for me already just something toxic in WoW (now buy 14,99 € )

and now it is apparently adopted 1:1. Ok, Blizzard really can't please you though, as a new reward system coupled to something many use in M+ anyway is of course a super thing. But I rather suffer with the countless people who rely on the group search tool via solo queue and will be ignored/rejected even more often in the future and won't find groups.Support buffed - it only takes a minute. Thank you!

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