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WoW Poll: What was the best expansion in the history of WoW?

The success of the official WoW Classic servers shows that past WoW expansions are not just a matter of nostalgia, but that players really long for them. And almost certainly the Classic TBC servers will soon follow.

But what was the best expansion in WoW history? That's what we want to know from you and call for a poll. Is it the much praised WotLK? The soon to be relaunched TBC or one of the newer addons like Legion? For those who prefer Classic out of the meanwhile nine different WoW versions, we have also listed Classic, even though Vanilla WoW is not an "expansion" in the true sense. Even though you can't really rate the current addon in its entirety yet, we've included Shadowlands in the list as well and assume the current state of the current addon.

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My personal favorite

: Mists of Pandaria (on par with Legion, for example). TBC and WotLK were certainly highlights as well, but MoP had some of the best raids in my opinion, the best PvP balancing, and classes were really fun to play (even if you didn't need half of your abilities looking back...).

What was the best expansion for you personally, of course, depends not only on the balance and features. For some people, the best expansion might also be the one in which they could celebrate the biggest raid successes or met their WoW friends for the first time, with whom they are still in contact today.

How do you decide which WoW expansion was the best? Write us in the comments, we are curious! We'll publish the results of the poll next week.

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