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WoW: Rextroy hunts 30s characters in Classic Fresh - with level 14 heroes

If you type Rextroy into the search window on buffed, you'll now find over 70 articles that prove it: This guy is simply a phenomenon. No one else is as good at using existing means to undermine WoW's systems, rules, and mechanics and thus push the boundaries of what's possible in Azeroth.

Rextroy in Classic Fresh

Rextroy usually uses the current WoW expansion as an experimentation ground. But now the player has also created a character for the WoW Classic championship season. And what kind of project is the long-time Warcraft fan pursuing this time? He's hunting down characters from the enemy faction with his level 14 hero, who easily have 20 levels more under their belt. But see for yourself:

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Rextroy explains how this is possible in the usual comprehensive way below the video:

  • He goes hunting with a Night Elf priest and therefore has access to Psychic Scream and Shadowiness.
  • Rextroy has chosen the foothills of the Hill Country and the Alterac Mountains as the setting for his hunt. Because there are some places like Süderstade, Azurschacht, the fields of the hill country or Dalaran, where you can count on the help of NPC fighters.
  • So, on paper, the strategy is quite simple: Rextroy waits in Stealth for questing Horde players to cross his path, which, in the best case, will then be partitioned into a large group of enemies. Of course, this can easily backfire. But the video shows that Rextroy was still able to promote a lot of Horde players to Spirit Healer.

With that in mind, watch out, Horde players in WoW Classic: Season of Mastery! Rextroy has it in for you (and will surely come up with more shenanigans for SoM in the future).

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