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WoW TBC Classic: Blizzard bans numerous PvP boosters and wintraders

Those who know my review articles for the WoW: Burning Crusade era

know: I'm not a big fan of the PvP system from back then. While arenas, conquest points, and the like were a big step forward compared to vanilla WoW, the new features brought their own pitfalls. For example, Battleground PvP was completely devalued (and flooded with AFK'ers) from one moment to the next, while at the same time the Arena struggled with class balancing and various matchmaking issues, as well as loopholes that allowed players to earn scores without contributing anything in return.

And looking at what's going on in Shadowlands these days in terms of boosting offers for PvE and PvP challenges, it was clear that the issue was going to be a big one in TBC Classic as well. However, unlike in the original Burning Crusade or currently in Shadowlands, Blizzard took surprising action against boosters and wintraders after the end of TBC Classic Season 1, handing out numerous bans (there is talk of 6 months).

The focus was not only on PvP veterans who, for example, gamed other players' characters for money and gold in order to quickly push them to high ratings (or their clients), but also on many players who were connected to the convicts via other arena teams. In addition to the banning penalties, seasonal rewards such as titles and mounts were then said to have been removed.

All regions were affected, and a list quickly made the rounds online with names of characters with high ratings who disappeared from arena teams around the time of the ban. Many private server bigwigs who have known the TBC meta inside out for years are said to have been among them. The Oceanic region was hit particularly hard. Every rank 1 team there was apparently affected.


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