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WoW TBC Classic: Here's how the server populations stand in March 2022

It's been a little while since we've looked at the server populations for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. Recently, however, there has been quite a lot going on. With Lost Ark (in the review), Elden Ring (in the review), Horizon Forbidden West (in the review), Elex 2 (in the review) or Total War: Warhammer 3, some game highlights have been released. In addition, new expansions for Guild Wars 2(End of Dragons in review), Destiny 2 and SWTOR, plus patch 9.2 for WoW: Shadowlands and new content for the championship season.

WoW TBC Classic: The Black Temple in the release trailer

How much is going on in Outland?

All of this in combination has certainly affected the population in Outland. However, we are approaching the fourth phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. The update is scheduled to arrive on March 22

, and Zul'Aman will open its doors at 23:00 on March 24. And what is the current status of Outland's server populations? That's exactly what we want to find out! For our check, we visited again. There, all characters are recorded that have appeared in a log for a TBC endgame content in a certain period of time.

So we see how many characters participate in the PvE endgame on the different servers (we don't include the characters that were additionally recorded in the arena for reasons of comparability). The most recent numbers are from the last March ID from March 09, 2022 to March 16, 2022.

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The populations of the TBC Classic servers

  • The EU server Firemaw has risen back to the top in recent months, coming in at 32,951 characters (up from 20,913 in December 2021)
  • The US server Benediction is number 2 again, with 26,052 characters counted there (22,343 characters).
  • The largest German TBC Classic server is still Venoxis, with 15,501 characters (8,978 - 63.8 percent Horde).
  • The former largest DE server Everlook has 8,405 characters (7,675 - 75.5 percent Alliance).
  • On Razorfen, 5,705 (instead of 5,644) active characters (with 51.5 percent Horde) were counted.
  • Lakeshire has 4,496 (instead of 4,224) active characters (63.8 percent Alliance).
  • Patchwerk comes to 2,672 (instead of 3,169) active characters (at 84.6 percent Horde)
  • Transcendence comes to 2,942 (instead of 3,121) active characters (70.2 percent Horde)
  • For Celebras it went further down: There only 149 (instead of 212) characters were counted on Warcraftlogs, 29 of them on Horde side.
  • For Lucifron, Dragon's Call and Heartstriker no statistics were collected in the last ID due to too low player numbers.
  • A total of 311,390 raid-active characters were counted across the US, EU, and Russia regions (up from 295,225 in December 2021).

More characters, more extremes

Let's keep in mind: the total number of characters is increasing slightly, which is certainly due to various new twinks that are cavorting in the TBC raids. At the same time, there is a migration from poorly populated servers to heavily populated servers. As a result, servers that are already very busy are becoming more crowded, while more and more smaller realms are turning into ghost servers. What is the situation on your server? Are you still finding enough players for the dungeons and raids? Tell us in the comments!

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