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WoW TBC Classic: Phase 2 brought a lot of bugs into the game despite PTR

When Phase 2 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic went live, Blizzard released a list of known bugs that had already landed on the developers' radar. That list included a full three items:

  • Currently, when fighting Kael'tha's Sunwalker in the Fortress of Storms, the tank's threat may be completely erased during Stage 4.
  • Currently, only the guild leader can add new icons or names to the guild bank tabs, even if you have granted those rights to other players with lower ranks.
  • If you swap the stack of an item within a guild bank tab with another item stack, it will count as a removal and thus count against your daily removal cap for that day.

A few days later, it's clear that Phase 2 has brought many more bugs to Outland. We had already reported on some of them, for example the loot problem in the Serpent Shrine and the Fortress of Storms

, which is said to have been fixed with the new ID.

However, just how long the list of Phase 2 bugs actually is is revealed by this Reddit post, which has more than 30 entries. Here are some of the worst bugs:

  • Several Ogri'la quests were/are bugged, the faction's vials could be traded at times, apparently resulting in several bans.
  • Some players were unable to start Sha'tari Skyguard quests on Day 1.
  • The Sha'tari Skyguard Terokk challenge is buggable for several players, with the associated NPC not showing up.
  • The Chess event in Karazhan was reportedly unplayable on multiple players because the "Pet Bar" was not displayed or some of the abilities were not available.
  • This bug from the chess event also appeared sporadically with hunters, mages and warlocks, who had to cope with a faulty "Pet-Bar" in dungeons or in the arena. And also the first boss in BWL now has problems with the "Pet-Bar".
  • The Karazhan Attunement is no longer required to enter Karazhan. Since there is no announcement about this, it is unclear if this is a bug.
  • In phase 3, Lady Vashj has random threat losses, causing non-tanks to die quickly.
  • Lady Vashj had or has a bug where the fight would just reset in the middle of it. It happened to a raid group just before the first kill.
  • Similar threat issues to Lady Vashj were experienced with Kael'thas in Phase 4, and there are also difficult to understand threat issues when Kael'thas first enters combat or when his minions respawn when players are too far away from the enemies.
  • Some Braufest quests on the Horde side are not working properly.
  • On some servers, the NPCs in the PvP dailies are unavailable.
  • Tobias the Rot has disappeared with the start of the Brewfest, preventing players from continuing their Fortress of Storms attunement.
  • If you visit Lady Vashj after defeating Kael'thas, healers may be able to access the Legendary Piston effect if they are mind controlled by Lady Vashj.
  • Kael'thas may experience crashes or long freeze frames.
  • Druids cannot complete Ogri'la and Sha'tari bomb quests in flight form, as the item only works on mounts.
  • Shaman Teachers from Ironforge and Prophet Velen have been bugged.
  • Some players were able to trade back PvP items from Season 1 for Arena Points after the start of Season 2, though Blizzard says they shouldn't be able to.
  • Some mobs, like Vakkiz, don't give reputation with Skyguard if you knock them down.
  • If you reset the fight against Lord Karathress, his adds might not respawn. So you were left with just the boss to deal with.
  • Defeated Succubi stand around in the area instead of lying on the ground.
  • Some mobs/NPCs in the old world seem to be out of phase and unavailable.
  • Some trash enemies in the fortress and snake shrine have evading issues. Say: Suddenly all attacks fail and the mobs regenerate their health.

With so many problems, it makes you wonder what a public test server is for, doesn't it? Have you discovered any other bugs that came to Outland with Phase 2?

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