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WoW: Discord in-game overlay causes WoW...

Due to various additional features, Discord is gradually displacing voice chats like Teamspeak and the like and is now also used by many WoW players. One...

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WoW: The hubbub around Sylvanas - what do our editors think about the story twist?

In a new in-game cinematic for WoW Patch 9.2, we see the aftermath of the storyline from Patch 9.1, in which we faced Sylvanas in the Sanctum of Domination. For the Banshee Queen is comatose and has been banished by the Dungeon Master into a kind of endless sleep, where she must relive her worst moments. But the video shows: there is a part of Sylvanas that did not experience the many years as banshee queen at all: This soul fragment is still at Warcraft 3 levels, before Arthas struck down the Ranger Generals.

Story development in WoW is upsetting players

Many players are very unhappy with this story development. After all, it's almost certainly an after-the-fact decision; this "Sylvanas leftover" seems more like a way to somewhat mitigate responsibility for Sylvanas' actions. Part of her can't help it, so to speak. Because of this, some fans have given vent to their frustration with funny memes. We thought about it in the editorial office, how we stand to it.

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  1. Page 1WoW: Hype about Sylvanas in patch 9.2 - what do Tanja and Phil think of the story twist?
    1. 1.1Tanja'sreaction: "Thanks for nothing, Blizzard!"
    2. 1.2Phil's reaction: "I'm a simple soul."
  2. Page 2WoW: The buzz around Sylvanas in patch 9.2 - what do Seb and Matze think of the story twist?
    1. 2.1Sebastian's reaction: "I remain very skeptical"
    2. 2.2Matz's reaction: The valuable vase is broken
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WoW: Shattered Legacies - ingame cinematic shows Sylvanas' turmoil

Tanja's reaction: "Thanks for nothing, Blizzard!"

I've been a Sylvanas fan since the beginning. She was the reason I first logged into WoW (buy now ), just to see what happened to the great banshee queen. Whether during her lifetime as a Ranger General or after her death as a Banshee Queen, Sylvanas always distinguished herself as a pragmatic leader (sort of the antithesis of the passionate Tyrande) who pursued her own goals and made clear decisions along the way. Many of them were harsh and morally questionable, but that's what makes for an exciting character.
Sylvanas in front of the burning Teldrassil - all in the service of the jailer as a corrupted, vicious version of the original Sylvanas? Tanja finds that hare-brained. Source: Blizzard
Sylvanas was no heroine, quite the opposite. But unlike a villain, she had principles. She threw them overboard in BfA for no apparent reason. Blizzard tried to force Sylvanas into a role that didn't fit her at all. Without any explanation. Later, the ominous Dungeon Master came into play and Blizzard tried to tell us that he had been the great puppet master and steerer of Azeroth's history all along. Again, without any explanation. And in the end, Blizzard drops Sylvanas just like that.

What Blizzard is conveying to us Lore fans with the new story is that nothing Sylvanas did in recent years mattered. Because she wasn't herself. Yes, this woman who had taken so many hearts by storm in Warcraft 3 wasn't real, but just some kind of evil twin. This is absurd and ruins the masterpiece that Chris Metzen and co. created years ago. Thanks for nothing, Blizzard!

Phil's reaction: "I'm a simple mind".

In principle, I actually find the story told quite cool. Lore experts might get upset that this and that character transformation makes little sense based on some facts 20 years ago, but I don't really care. When a story is told for more than 25 years, you always reach the point where you collide with the past.

Of course, you could definitely avoid this here and refer to the past. But then, and I'm sure of it, the whining would be at least as big that Blizzard didn't come up with anything new anymore and they just repeat the old sermon. 20 year old stories don't need to cling to every single detail of their long life - at least that's what Phil thinks. Source: Blizzard Apart from that, I'm a simple soul. To enjoy a story, it has to be exciting, easy to understand and well presented. And what I see on the PTR so far pleases me in this regard. I don't care if some voiceline 22 years ago in a game I never played said something else or hinted at something else.

I also have no problems with the continuation of the plot in terms of content. Personally, I would have liked to see Sylvanas die so that the issue is finally over, but that can still happen. Maybe she will sacrifice herself in the last fight against the dungeon master, who knows. But to get upset about the content of some stories, I stopped doing that years ago. It's not my story, and if the developers present me with their story, then I'll listen - as long as it's well staged and exciting. Should Sylvanas have just died in the Sanctum? For Phil, that would have been okay. Source: Blizzard

On the next page we go to the reactions of Sebastian and Matze. They also see a need to talk after the new cutscene from patch 9.2

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