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WoW: Weekly + Darkmoon Faire = 60 percent more reputation for everyone!

While reputation in Zereth Mortis is nowhere near as important as it used to be for the resident factions in new areas of an expansion, most WoW players still want to reach the status of revered sooner or later among the Enlightened Ones. For example, to buy the new Eternal Reinforcement Rune or to dust off one of the other cosmetic rewards. Not to mention that with respectable reputation you'll get access to the Legendary template Unity, allowing you to apply it to an item up to level 291.

And since reputation farming has always been a tedious task and remains so, we're happy to take advantage of any relief that comes our way. And exactly two of them are active at the moment. In addition to the Darkmoon Faire, which has been active since last weekend (2.4.2022) and gives you up to ten percent more reputation if you get the Buff Jippie! there (via carousel, roller coaster or cylinder item), the weekly World Quest event has also been active since the start of the ID. The latter grants you a whopping 50 percent more reputation!

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Lots of reputation for everyone

If you combine the two, you'll receive a whopping 60 percent more reputation for completing a world quest. This means, for example, that the world boss Antros grants you 800 reputation instead of only 500, and the normal world quests grant


200 reputation instead of 125.

These are made by inscribers and last for seven days. During this time, you will receive an additional ten reputation for each completed world quest in the Shadowlands. This reputation is also increased by the Darkmoon Faire buff. Unfortunately, it will not be increased by the current weekly event. So you will get a maximum of eleven additional reputation points.

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Are you already awed by the Enlightened faction

, or do you still have a long way to go before you can earn the Eternal Reinforcement Rune and other rewards? Or do you not care at all and just play what you enjoy? To the home page Jump to comments (0) Philipp Sattler