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WoW: How the CGI model of Anduin Wrynn was...

Senior Surfacing Artist Wey Wong worked primarily on the cinematic videos for WoW: Battle for Azeroth. He gave the legendary WoW hero Anduin Wrynn a realistic...

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World of Warcraft will get another addition! We know the details

Blizzard does not give up support for its MMO.

August 14 will see the release of the seventh addition to World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth, where players will be able to fight for the victory of their chosen faction and control over the world.

In addition to the instant one character level-up to level 110, pre-order purchasers will be able to begin a series of quests culminating in the recruitment of the first four of the new allied races, including the brave Light Draenei (Alliance) and the ancient elves of Suramar - the Children of the Night (Horde).

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is currently available for pre-order in a standard edition (digital and boxed; MSRP €44.99) and a deluxe digital edition (MSRP €59.99). The deluxe edition includes a host of digital goodies across multiple Blizzard titles, including mounts: Seabraid Stallion for the Covenant and Gilded Ravasaur for the Horde, as well as a pet Tortus, a baby Turtolian (Tottle the Baby Tortollan) in World of Warcraft, a reverse Azeroth on Fire in Hearthstone, the mount Primal Fire Tembobestia in Heroes of the Storm, Horde and Covenant-inspired graffiti in StarCraft II, and many Azeroth faction-related decorative items in Overwatch.

The Battle for Azeroth expansion pack will also be available in a boxed-only Collector's Edition (MSRP: €99.99), which includes all the elements of the digital deluxe edition as well as goodies to help players identify even more strongly with their chosen faction:

- Covenant and Horde double-sided crest. Players can take sides in the conflict with this sturdy double-sided emblem! Simply place it on a shelf or desk to proclaim your Horde or Covenant affiliation to the world. The set includes a stand.

- A hardcover double-sided novella of "Elegy" and "The Just War". Every great war can be viewed from two perspectives. Now you can get to know them through micro novels from the world of World of Warcraft, in which Christie Golden and Robert Brooks tell the story of the burning of Teldrassil from the point of view of the Covenant and the Horde. This limited edition hardcover volume features illustrations that will not be published anywhere else.

- Digital soundtrack from Battle for Azeroth. Each collector's edition includes a code to access the digital version of the stirring orchestral soundtrack from the Battle for Azeroth expansion pack. It's the perfect accompaniment to the battle for Horde or Covenant victory!

World of Warcraft Collectors Edition Items

The Collectors Edition of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is now available for pre-order. The print run is limited.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth includes new features and content that will test players' steadfastness and commitment to the cause of their faction. Here are the challenges they will face in the upcoming add-on:

- Explore two legendary lands. As a Horde Champion, you'll embark on a mission to the Zandalarian Empire to convince trolls to lend their support to your faction on the seas and oceans of Azeroth. As a defender of the Alliance, you will travel to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras - home of Jaina Proudmoore - to encourage its inhabitants to fight for a common goal.

- Recruit the allied races. Embark on your adventure as a representative of one of the new playable allied races. Each of them has unique abilities. Earn the respect of the High Mountain Tauren, the Void Elves, the Black Dwarves and others by creating characters from these races to join your faction.

- Plunder the islands of the Great Sea. Embark on a quest for adventure in the Island Quest. Face ever-changing enemies and terrain types and pursue new objectives. Together with your companions, you will face off against other invaders or enemy players in groups of three to seize island resources for yourself and strengthen your faction's position in the war.

- Move to the War Front. Move to the front lines and take part in large scale, 20 player group co-op missions on the War Front to take control of one of the strategic key points in the war. Gather resources to build the power of your faction and lead your troops to victory in new battles inspired by the strategic roots of the Warcraft series.

- Infuse your armor with the power of the titans. Embark on a quest to find Azerite, a mysterious and priceless resource that appeared in the world after the Burning Legion invasion. Imbue the Heart of Azeroth - a legendary amulet entrusted to the heroes by Magni the Copperbeard - with the power of this mineral to personalize your armor and grant it new characteristics and properties.

- Fight up to level 120: discover the source of the Blood God's defilement in Underrot, learn the secrets of a forgotten titan's crypt, and escape the Drust-controlled Kingdom of the Dead. You can advance 10 levels by completing quests. Then grow stronger through public quests, raids, undergrounds and many other challenges.